Gwen Shamblin Lara's private jet plunged 2,900 feet in SECONDS in fatal Tennessee crash, haunting ATC recording reveals

GWEN Shamblin Lara’s private jet plunged 2,900 feet in seconds as it crashed in a lake, haunting ATC recordings reveal.

Authorities said all seven people on board are "presumed dead" after the aircraft went down in Tennessee on Saturday and a recovery operation is still underway.

ATC data shows that the Cessna C501 plane started to drop after just 90 seconds in the air.

The flight map shows that the pilot turns the aircraft after receiving advice from air traffic control.

A noise, potentially an alarm, can be heard going off from inside the cockpit, News Channel 5 reports.  

The jet regained some altitude before plummeting in the water.

Human remains and debris have been recovered from Percy Warner Lake following the high-impact crash.

Remnant Fellowship Church founder Gwen, her husband Joe, and five others are all presumed dead.

It has been reported that the diet guru and her family may have been en route to a MAGA-themed event in Florida.

“The debris field is approximately a half of a mile wide,” said Rutherford County Fire Captain and Incident Commander John Ingle.

Crews are flying drones as the recovery effort continues. Teams are expected to continue searching on Monday.

TMZ reported that Joe Lara, who starred in Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, was among the dead.

Officials released the names of all seven people they believe were aboard the small plane when the plane crashed into the water in Smyrna on Saturday morning.

"All indications are that a total of seven people were on board," a release from Rutherford County officials said. All are presumed dead, the statement said.

The victims are believed to be Joe Lara, Gwen S. Lara, Jennifer J. Martin, David L. Martin, Jessica Walters, Jonathan Walters, and Brandon Hannah, according to the statement.

Shamblin Lara founded the Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999 and is the author of The Weigh Down Diet.

The Federal Aviation Administration told WTVF that the plane departed from the Smyrna Rutherford County Airport just before 11am.

It was reportedly bound for Palm Beach International Airport.

The plane was registered to JL&GL Productions LP, which the diet guru and her husband owned together, according to the outlet.

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