He might not have the snake hips of Mick Jagger — but Boris Johnson certainly boasts a rock star virility – The Sun

HE may not have the snake-hips of Mick Jagger, nor the dyed bouffant of Rod Stewart, but Boris Johnson certainly boasts a rock star virility.

The PM is now expecting his sixth [confirmed] child – just two less than both the legendary Lotharios of pop.

Eligible for a pension in ten years, and with a frame built for comfort not speed, Boris – whose mop has probably not seen a hairbrush since prep school – is an unlikely sex symbol.

Women love him. Or, at least, appear willing to procreate with him.

Just like Mick, Rod and co., Bozzie Bear has also landed a (much) younger, and very glamorous, girlfriend in 31-year-old Carrie Symonds.

And now, making like Beyonce, he’s put a ring on it.

After years of boring Brexit, and following previous incumbent Theresa fields-of-wheat May, Boris and Carrie are breathing new life into British politics.

With break-up rows, and make-up kisses, life with them at No. 10 will never be dull.

If only showbiz was this exciting…

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