Man who designed image used in sexually graphic Greta Thunberg sticker speaks out

An Argentinian tattoo artist who illustrated the picture used for a sexually explicit Greta Thunberg sticker has slammed the Canadian oilfield company that allegedly altered the image.

German Gabriel Canalla — who designed the image of a naked woman, shown from the back with a man’s hands pulling her braids — posted on Instagram that the design had been plagiarized.

“They stole my design! I never make my drawing with that purpose,” Canalla wrote.

Canalla then shared his 2016 image — which shows the design without the “Greta” text or X-Site Energy Services logo included on the sticker.

“That sticker X-Site made was originally a tattoo design made by me. Of course it was never meant to be used for that purpose. X-site not only stole my tattoo design and made it a logo/sticker, but also used it for that disgusting purpose … It sucks,” he wrote.

Thunberg, 17, also responded to the sticker Saturday, saying that her critics were getting “desperate.”

“They are starting to get more and more desperate…” the teen activist tweeted Saturday. “This shows that we’re winning.”

However, the Alberta-based oilfield company’s general manager, Doug Sparrow, has claimed the company had nothing to do with the decal.

“It’s not from X-Site or any employee, someone has done this. That’s all I know,” Sparrow said, CityNews reported.

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