Mitt Romney compares Trump's election fraud claims to WWE and say it's 'entertaining, but not real' after rally rant

MITT Romney has compared Donald Trump's election fraud claims to wrestling, arguing it is "entertaining, but not real."

The Republican Senator said on Sunday: "Here in the US there's a growing recognition that this is a bit like WWF, that it's entertaining, but it's not real."

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That came after former president Trump told a rally in Ohio on Saturday: "We won the election twice. And it's possible we'll have to win it a third time.

"The 2020 presidential election was rigged. This was the scam of the century and this was the crime of the century."

But Romney added: "I know people want to say yeah, they believe in the big lie in some cases, but I think people recognize that it's a lot of show and – and bombast, but it's going nowhere.

"The election is over. It was fair."

Romney had been asked by CNN's Jake Tapper whether Trump's claims impact American democracy when he made the comparison to WWF, now known as WWE.

WWE named Trump as one of its Hall of Famers in 2013.

The Utah politician, an outspoken Trump critic, added: "I can tell you that it is surely being used around the world to minimize the support for democracy.

"I mean there's a battle going on in the world right now between the autocratic nations like China and Russia, and nations that believe in democracy.

"And if – if the autocratic nations can point to the United States, which is the birthplace really of this modern democracy, and can say look ‘They can't even run an election there that's not fraudulent, how can you possibly run it into your country?’ that obviously is, is having an impact on the cause of democracy and freedom around the world."

Romney said: "I do think it’s important for each person to speak the truth and to make clear that the ‘Big Lie’ is exactly that.

"Did he [Trump] hear it from the Justice Department? No. Did he hear it from the intelligence community? No.

"So where did he hear it from? The MyPillow guy? Rudy Giuliani? What are their sources of information?

"It’s pretty clear the election was fair, it wasn’t the outcome the president wanted, but let’s move on."

Romney twice voted to impeach Trump.

Trump has yet to confirm whether he plans to run in 2024 – but once again dropped a hint that he's readying himself for another election race during Saturday's rally.

He spent much of the rally fixating on the 2020 election, which he insists he won, even though top state and local election officials, his own attorney general and numerous judges, including some he appointed, have said there is no evidence of the mass voter fraud he alleges took place.

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