Pelosi ‘optimistic’ a stimulus deal WILL be agreed today – so $1,200 checks can be sent out before election

NANCY Pelosi said she’s “optimistic” a stimulus deal will be agreed today and said a bill for a compromised stimulus package is being written – so $1,200 checks can be sent out before the election.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Pelosi said there are still areas in the deal where more work is required to get compromised, but she was pleased with the Trump administrations latest position.

According to the House Speaker, both sides are also “in range” on other health care provisions.

Pelosi said she’s optimistic because Republicans “finally” want to crush the virus, “Now they’ve come back and returned that language” on testing and tracing.

The House Speaker said she thinks she can wrap testing and tracing language this afternoon with Steve Mnuchin, “Hopefully by the end of the day today we’ll know where we all are.”

Pelosi added that assistance to state and local authorities and providing income assistance to working families remain areas where work is needed on a Republican push to provide businesses with liability protection against virus-relation lawsuits.

She added that she expects to present a counter-offer to Mnuchin during Tuesday afternoon’s meeting.

The House Speaker said a compromise is possible based on strong government Covid-19 workplace regulations.

“We are starting to write a bill,” Pelosi said. “We all want to get to an agreement.”

Even if a deal is agreed upon, Senate Republicans could still loom as a roadblock – as a number of GOP members are hesitant at a stimulus of the scale of $1.8trillion or more.

House Democrats are pushing for $2.2trillion, while President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he could embrace a number “even bigger than the Democrats.”

On Tuesday, President Trump reiterated his view that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will proceed with any bill agreed on by both parties.

“He’ll be onboard if something comes,” he told Fox News Tuesday.

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