Pooh Shiesty WON’T be released from jail after being arrested over two shootings

POOH Shiesty will not be released from jail after he was arrested over two shootings.

The 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is Lontrell Williams, was booked on Tuesday after he allegedly shot a security guard in the leg.

However, on Thursday, Judge Venzer decided that the rapper would not be released due to having two open felony cases involving gun violence.

"There's is not a chance I am giving this kid a bond right now," Venzer said.

The incident happened at the King of Diamonds strip club in Northwest Miami-Dade on May 30, the Miami Herald reports.

During footage reportedly posted to social media of the shooting, the man behind the camera says Shiesty is at the venue and claims someone stole the musician's money.

The crowd then appears to scatter as shots are reportedly fired.

TMZ claims that at around 4am a dispute broke out between Shiesty and security staff as he was being escorted out of the building. 

The security manager reportedly said it was because money fell out of Shiesty's pocket. But it was not clear how much, if any, money was involved.

TMZ adds that the rapper reportedly took out his gun and fired into the ground but that the shot hit off a guard's ankle and he was taken to hospital.

Shiesty reportedly fled the scene before cops arrived and now faces an aggravated battery charge, the Herald states.

Just months ago, Shiesty was put in cuffs for an October 2020 shooting in Harbor Bay Island, where two people were injured.

The rapper was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and armed battery in that incident.

Dramatic footage from the shooting allegedly showed the gunfight erupted after one of the victims tried to sell high-end sneakers and marijuana.

The surveillance video shows a McLaren sports car, a Mercedes-Benz Maybach and another Mercedes pulling into a parking lot of a Bay Harbor Islands condo.

The drivers and passengers then get out of the cars and, just minutes later, a man in a white shirt and another in a black sweatshirt begin firing.

They then run back to the Maybach, which speeds away, with the McLaren following.

Another man can be seen hobbling back to other Mercedes.

Both of the victims were admitted to Aventura Hospital with injuries.

Shiesty is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and had a hist song "Back in Blood."

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