Shocking pictures shows horse with hooves so overgrown it cannot walk

Shocking pictures shows horse with hooves so overgrown it cannot walk that was found by animal rescuers in French house of horrors where dogs and cats were also left to starve and die

  • Decomposing horse tangled in an electric fence and emaciated cows found
  • Animals had been left at farm in Saint-Hernin, Brittany, north-west France
  • Mother who lived there had died and the daughter had been taken into hospital 

Shocking pictures have revealed a horse with hooves so overgrown it can no longer stand and dozens of cats and dogs surrounded by faeces and the unidentifiable rotting remains of fellow pets at a rundown French mansion.

A decomposing horse tangled in an electric fence and emaciated cows were also found at the property in Saint-Hernin, Brittany, north-west France. 

Shell-shocked rescuers said it was ‘one of the worst situations we could ever have imagined’ when they entered the farm last week.

The property’s owner had recently died and her daughter, who is understood to have suffered from mental health issues, was taken to hospital in the last few weeks.

They are thought to have spent thousands buying the animals, which are all pure breeds, over the years for their ‘collection’. Shortly before the mother’s death they paid €1,200 (£1,032) for a pedigree puppy, according to reports.

A horse with hooves that were so overgrown that it could no longer stand pictured at the rundown farm in Saint-Hernin, Brittany, north-west France

Inside the house rescuers from The Green Valley Brittany found piles of rotting rubbish

Among the objects they also found ten dogs and four cats which were terrified of people

Unidentifiable rotting remains were also found inside the house. Footage from the farm showed what appeared to be bones sticking out of piles of matted fur

Horrifying images show the dilapidated house littered with rubbish and rotting remains. In the rooms abandoned objects had piled so high the floor could no longer be seen. 

Rescuers saw piles of bones surrounded by matted hair in room corners, footage revealed. Ten sad-looking dogs and four terrified cats were found hiding among the rubbish. 

Emaciated cows, pigs and Shetland ponies were also discovered in the faeces-ridden barn while soaked horses and donkeys with overgrown hooves were found in a field. 

The Green Valley Brittany rescue group gained permission to evacuate the animals from the farm last week from local authorities. It took action after receiving a tip-off from the town’s mayor. 

‘One horse had hooves so overgrown that if we hadn’t come that day, we have no doubt that he would have been dead by the morning,’ they said.

‘We have never seen a horse with such overgrown hooves before and he’d endured so much suffering and probably been down on the ground in horrendous stormy weather for some time.

A terrified dog inside the house (left) and rubbish (right). The property’s owner is understood to have recently died and her daughter was taken to hospital with mental illness in the last few weeks

Used plastic bottles, abandoned pots and rotting packets pictured inside the kitchen

Washing machines surrounded by rotting and dirty laundry pictured in the utility room

‘The horror continued inside where we found ten dogs and four cats living in a house with stuff lying around everywhere covered in vomit, faces and dead unidentifiable animals.

‘It is unbelievable that only one week before two people had also been living in this place.

‘The animals in the house were visibly traumatised and really fearful. Incredibly, after a little while, they all came for cuddles and a moment of comforting.’

President of the rescue group, Laura Kling, said that she was told by neighbours several people had been aware of the farm’s condition but no one had taken action. 

The horses had their hooves trimmed at the farm before they were moved to foster homes. Animals in urgent need also received medical treatment before they were re-located. 

‘All animals have arrived safely at their foster families where they will receive further treatments until they will be able to be re-homed,’ she said in a post this morning. 

A horse with overgrown hooves. Another horse was found dead nearby after it got tangled in an electric fence. It couldn’t stand due to its overgrown hooves

All the animals on the farm were pure breeds and the former owners are thought to have been collecting them. Pictured above is a pony with overgrown hooves

Painful overgrown hooves on a pony photographed by rescuers The Green Valley Brittany

However, despite the team’s efforts Ms Kling added that she thought they had ‘failed’ the dead horse ‘but our hands were tied and we did all we could’. 

‘We arrived just a few hours too late for one of the horses,’ she said. ‘He got himself tangled in an electric fence and was unable to free himself due to him being unstable on his feet. The lack of care over the last few years had caused his condition to go down and he urgently needed further treatments.

‘It makes me so angry that authorities saw him only two months ago and did nothing! Let alone the other people who saw him over the last years. Why did nobody step in?’

Animals rescued from the farm included ten dogs, four cats, two donkeys, six Shetland ponies, one Welsh pony, three horses, two geese, 18 chickens, eight pigeons, six sheep and three Anglo-Nubian goats.

French Association Stephane Lamart helped with the evacuation.

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