Sir David Attenborough warns Boris Johnson eco-policies should not be costly if he wants people to back them

SIR David Attenborough has warned Boris Johnson eco policies should not be costly if he wants people to back them.

The nature guru urged ministers to “give people confidence” net zero carbon schemes “are desirable and possible for all”.

And he vowed to rally world leaders to cut their emissions at the COP26 conference in November, at which he is the People’s Advocate.

Sir David, 95, was yesterday at Westminster with Climate Assembly members to urge ministers to get the public involved in the mission to go green now.

He said: “The world’s scientists have been very clear on what’s at stake if we don’t act on climate change.

“Our political leaders now need to lead and give people confidence that all the changes needed to deliver net zero are desirable and possible for all of us.”

The BBC Blue Planet presenter added: “Greater public participation and fairness is needed at the heart of all climate action and this is therefore a message I hope this government has heard loud and clear and certainly one I plan to share with all world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow.”

Climate Assembly Member Sue Peachey added: “I hope the Prime Minister will listen to people’s ideas and priorities and give the public a bigger role in delivering the UK’s net zero mission.

“If he takes time to inform and work with people . . . he should be pushing at an open door.”

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