Skinny entrepreneur says becoming vegan has transformed him into a muscular millionaire making $5M-a-year

A SKINNY entrepreneur said that becoming vegan has transformed him into a muscular millionaire making $5million-a-year.

Rahul Saggu, 27, said that he knew he was always going to have to put in the work to get the physique he'd always dreamed of, but got a kickstart swapping animal products for vegetables.

At the same time, the mortgage specialist was trying to forge a successful career in finance, while dealing with the deaths of his four best friends – including his father – a training regime and busy social life.

Saggu, who works in Toronto, Canada, switched to being vegan roughly 10 years ago with his twin brother and says he owes his financial support to the life change.

Since becoming vegan, he said: "My concentration improved drastically and so did my gains in the gym. I've always been very disciplined and had very strict set routines which help me make the most out of my days.

"But it's hard to focus if you're running on fumes – no matter how hard you try.

"When I went vegan I suddenly found that my concentration and productivity went through the roof.

"I was making better decisions faster and I was making a lot more money. I still had energy at the end of the day and my recovery time increased significantly.

Saggu trains six times a week without fail and follows a strict regime, implemented by his late father.

Part of this strict regime involves getting up every day, including weekends, at 5.30am and practicing breathing exercises before moving on to weights and cardio.

The mortgage expert has carried this mantra on and says it enabled him to deal with a lot of deaths from the people closest to him in a nine-year span.

He said: "Without discipline, I would have folded and thrown in the towel. I went through hell and the only way to get out was to become everything I knew I could be. Working on myself allowed me to be able to take on all of life’s challenges.

"Forcing myself to wake up early is the first accomplishment of my day, followed by a workout and getting my day structured.

"I put myself in uncomfortable situations on purpose and I’ll even make up scenarios and stories in my head.

"Life will always have resistance and if you’re used to getting through things everyday nothing can stop you. I would choose mental toughness over physical toughness any day of the week.

"I have always dreamt of greatness my entire life. I draw a lot of inspirations from movies and sports icons- Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan.

"When I see others do good I get inspired, others get jealous- there’s a difference. My advice would be to sit down in a quiet room and write down exactly what you want out of life and just go do it.

"Don't over complicate it, don’t overthink it. Overthinking leads to paralysis. Have tunnel vision and say no to things that don't serve your goals and purpose. And take massive action."

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