Strangers attack woman, cut her hair during Florida break-in

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A Florida woman claims two strangers barged into her home, pummeled her and chopped off her hair in a bizarre attack that caused her to lose consciousness.

Lashelle Jacobs said she was awoken at 11 p.m. last Thursday by someone banging at the door of her Jacksonville home, news station WJXT reported.

“I open the door and I literally stepped right here and the girl is sitting in front of my door and she said ‘They’re following me, they’re following me,’” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said she asked the girl, “Who is following you?” and looked out to see what she was talking about.

“That’s when she attacked me and I fell to the ground and everything happened right here,” she said.

Jacobs said a man appeared and they beat her to the point where she blacked out.

“And then when I woke back up I remember them holding my hair, saying if I moved or screamed they were going to stab me and continue to cut my hair,” Jacobs said.

When the intruders left, she crawled up the stairs to call 911, WJXT reported.

She said the attackers didn’t take any except for a pair of scissors.

But she was left with serious injuries, including a concussion and a ruptured eardrum.

“The back of my head, it’s so damaged right now that it’s like squishy to feel,” Jacobs said.


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