Taco Bell ‘Karen’ goes ballistic on employees over burrito order

A “Karen’’ went ballistic over her burrito order at a Taco Bell in Missouri, calling workers the n-word — and threatening them while claiming to be “Charles Manson’s daughter,’’ according to reports.

The woman was caught on cellphone video claiming she’d been overcharged for her “three burritos and two tacos’’ — and launching into a violent, profanity-filled, now-viral tirade as the fast-food joint’s employees tried to calmly explain her bill was correct, shows video posted to Reddit.

“I’m gonna f- -k you up, n—-r,’’ she told one worker, who is apparently not black.

“Not good enough for a real job?” the white woman sneered, while a young boy, who was not with her, is seen at one point nervously sitting at a table in the foreground.

The out-of-control customer then grabs things off the counter and chucks them on the floor and at the workers before stalking off, threatening, “You’re going down, son of a bitch, personally. You f–ked with the wrong motherf—-r.

“I’m Charlie f–king Manson’s daughter,’’ she said — referring to the late infamous hippie psychopath behind the slaughter of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others in the Hollywood Hills in August 1969.

A worker quipped on the side, “That explains a lot.’’

Manson is not known to have had a daughter.

It wasn’t clear when the footage, which was picked up by several online outlets, was taken. It was posted to Reddit on Monday, and the website Scallywag and Vagabond said the incident occurred in Bolivar, north of Springfield.

“Karen” is an online term for a typically middle-aged white woman who acts privileged and overreacts to something she deems offensive.

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