Thieves crash into oil change pit after robbing Brazilian gas station

Holy pit! Video shows clumsy thieves crashing into oil change pit after robbing Brazilian gas station — only to eventually resume their getaway and crash into another pit before being arrested

  • A security camera video shows how two robbery suspects crashed into a pit at a gas station in Alambari, a city in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo
  • The thieves stopped at the gas station to refuel and one of the suspects escorted a worker into a store and withdrew all of the cash from the register drawer
  • The men were speeding away and rode around the gas pump when the driver missed an uncovered area on the floor where mechanics provide oil changes
  • The suspects eventually escaped, but were arrested nine miles away in the city of Ipatetininga after crashing into a ditch

A surveillance camera at a gas station in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo captured the clumsy moment a pair of thieves crashed into a pit where mechanics change the oil on vehicles.

The suspects rode up to the station located in the city of Alambari on Monday and asked one of the attendants to refuel their motorcycle before announcing the robbery.

The camera later shows the assailant who is sitting in the back brandishing a gun as he escorts an employee into a store.

Still image from a surveillance camera shows the robbery suspects moments before they crash into a pit as a gas station in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday

The suspects climb out of the pit they fell into while they were fleeing from the São Paulo, Brazil, gas station they robbed Monday before they were arrested 

He searches the counter and removes the cash from a drawer, placing it in his bag.

A minute would elapse before gunman is seen sitting in the back of the motorcycle as his accomplice accelerates and drives around the pump. 

However, he fails to notice the large, uncovered area where the mechanics provide oil changes and other services to vehicles.

One of the two robbery suspects keeps his gun on the right hand and uses his left hand to place the cash he had taken from the register cabinet into his bag before escaping 

An armed robber looks on as his cohort positions himself to remove the motorcycle from the gas station pit they had crashed into after they tried to escape

The suspects crash into pit, which appeared to be about five feet below ground level, and both look at each other in shock before the driver jumps back into the pit.

They were eventually able to remove the motorcycle and continued to their getaway, but encountered another ditch along the road and crashed, the military police said.

Both suspects were arrested nine miles away in the São Paulo town of Ipatetininga.

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