Thousands of Italians in Milan and Rome take to balconies to sing

Singing from the rooftops: Thousands of Italians in Milan and Rome take to balconies to sing and play instruments in bid cheer each other up amid coronavirus lockdown

  • Families and neighbours in Rome, Milan, Palermo and other cities also crashed pots together in the flashmob
  • Messages were circulated on social media to organise the second noisy event for the streets in two days
  • Italy remains on coronavirus lockdown and has reported 12,149 cases and 827 deaths due to the virus 
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Thousands of Italians have applauded healthcare workers from balconies and windows as they try to raise their spirits during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Families and neighbours crashed pots and pans together for the flashmob in Rome, Milan, Naples, Palermo and other cities across the country, which was organised for midday today through Whatsapp. 

They also shouted phrases including ‘Viva l’Italia’ (Long live Italy) and ‘Vinceremo’ (we will win). The few cars on the street joined the chorus by blaring their horns.

Many also waved banners decorated with rainbows and the phrase ‘Andra tutto benne’ (everything will go well). 

It follows yesterday’s flashmob where Italians united their voices for a rousing rendition of the national anthem Fratelli d’Italia.

‘I received a circulating message, forwarded to me by a friend… which is basically encouraging Italians to participate in a kind of flashmob on Friday 13 at 6pm,’ said Rome resident Yemi Adeyeye. ‘My street came alive at that time. It was a euphoric moment.’

Jessica Phelan, 34, who has lived in Rome for two and a half years, said neighbours were waving and saying ciao to each other, and called out ‘a domani’ (see you tomorrow) afterwards.

‘I think it shows that people will continue to seek community,’ she said, ‘even if they can’t socialise – it’s a way to say we’re all in it together’. 

Italy has reported more than 12,000 cases of coronavirus since the outbreak began and more than 800 deaths.

Italians cheer and sing a rousing rendition of Fratelli d’Italia from their balconies in Naples today during coronavirus lockdown

People were also seen applauding Italy’s doctors and healthcare workers as they sung during the flashmob in Rome today

Italians sit on their balconies in Rome and clap for healthcare workers in the flashmob organised through social media

People cheer and sing from their balconies in Rome today. The country has been placed on lockdown due to the virus

Two women applaud healthcare workers in the Gabriella neighbourhood of Rome this morning

A family waves and sings from their balcony in Rome’s Gabriella district today. The Italians are aiming to lift the national spirit

People pictured standing on their balconies with pets, and one with a dog, in Rome today

Banners reading ‘Andra tutto benne’ and the Italian flag are shown on this balcony in Rome’s Gabriella district

People wave and clap their hands during the flashmob in Rome’s Gabriella district 

Italy has reported 12,149 cases of coronavirus and 827 deaths. The second highest number in Europe is in Spain, with 2,231

Two women applaud from their balconies in Milan, Italy, as their country remains in lockdown

A girl smiles and claps as she joins in the flashmob in Milan, Italy, today. It was organised by musicians through Whatsapp

A pair hold up a banner reading ‘everything will go well’ as they remain stuck in their house in Naples, Italy, today

A woman in Turin smiles as she poses in front of her sign reading ‘everything will go well’ on her balcony today

A couple in Turin smile and clap on their balcony as they take part in the flashmob today

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