Toddler’s mom shares her three failsafe hacks including how to completely avoid leaky diapers

A TODDLER's mom has shared the three vital baby hacks, including how to avoid any diaper leaks.

In a TikTok video, mom and early childhood educator Lauren Mejia shared: "Baby hacks I wish I knew before becoming a mom."

Baby Clothes

The first hack the new mom shared was about the flaps at the top of baby's clothes.

"These flaps on onesies are made to flip out and be pulled downward so you do have to pull spit up and blow out shirts over their face," she revealed.

Makeshift plug covers

If you don't want to spend money on plug covers while your kids are still babies, you can simply use the lip of a wipe package.

Mejia wrote: "Have an empty wipe package? Turn it into a super simple plug cover."

The adhesive that holds the cover of a baby wipe bag is strong enough to stick to your wall.

She then added to "discontinue use when your child gains the fine motor skills to open it themselves."


In order to avoid any leaky diapers, Mejia suggested to "make sure the ruffles on the diapers are always facing outwards and not tucked in.

"This will save you from potential blowouts and leaks!"


In the comment section, another mom revealed a great hack for baby wipes.

When storing them, she said to do so upside down so that the top ones can avoid being dried out because the water from the diapers tends to pool at the bottom.

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