Trans escort, 28, stabbed over 30 times in face & chest by client with outstanding bill before robbing her

A TRANS woman who works as an escort suffered horrific injuries after a former client and another man stabbed her more than 30 times in the head and chest.

Rebeka Curtts Rodrigues Domiciano, 28, was attacked in the city of Icara, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina with the vile attackers also making off with the woman's car and phone.

Rebeka, who is originally from the city of Uberlandia, had known her attacker for months and had met with him recently.

However, the last time they met his card was declined and he owed Rebeka around £193 for her services.

On the morning of October 17 he phoned Rebeka and arranged to meet to settle the outstanding bill.

She says he arrived with another man, and all three of them got into her car where she tried to take a card payment from him.

Rebeka said: "I told them that the payment wasn't approved, and that was when his friend in the back seat suddenly stabbed me in the head."

According to Rebeka, both men then repeatedly stabbed her in the head, face and chest.

She said: "I started screaming desperately inside the car. He managed to keep hold of the steering wheel and put his feet on the accelerator while continuing to stab me.


"Both of them didn't stop stabbing me. I was desperate, I couldn't take off my seatbelt. I was afraid to take it off and be stabbed in the heart – which is what they wanted to do."

Eventuallt, a desperate Rebeka managed to get hold of the wheel and turn the car around, bringing it to a stop.

"He then stabbed me, nearly piercing my eye. He throttled me and told me to shut my mouth, while his friend stabbed me more," she added.

Rebeka managed to get her belt off, unlock the door, jump out of the vehicle and escape when she was luckily found by some passers-by, who called the emergency services and took her to hospital.

Rebeka said: "I had to have over 100 stitches and I was stabbed over 30 times.

"I am deformed. I was stabbed three times in the chest, in the neck, in the hand, in the legs and all over my head."

The suspects are on the run and are being sought by the police who are not yet classing it as a homophobic hate crime, and instead say it is an attempted robbery and attempted homicide.

Rebeka has been recovering at home since 19th October, when she was discharged from hospital.

She told local media that she is afraid because her client knows where she lives, and that she has been the victim of homophobic attacks in the city before.

Rebeka is currently planning a protest in the nearby municipality of Criciuma, where she lives, to demand justice.

It is not the first time she has suffered violence, having been attacked at the beginning of the year.

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