Trump warns Biden offers ‘radical’ socialist agenda that will ‘tear down our country’ and ‘destroy jobs’ in RNC speech – The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump painted himself as a complete contrast to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday night, accusing his opponent of having a "radical" socialist agenda.

Trump, who was rounding off the Republican National Convention, stood on the South Lawn to accept his party's nomination for president, expressing that he had a "heart full of gratitude and boundless optimism."

Trump emphasized, "at no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, or two agendas."

The president painted Biden as a far-left candidate, using phrases such as "Trojan horse for socialism" and claiming that Democratic actions on race has meant citizens "tearing down country."

Trump also looked to appeal to blue collar workers, calling Biden a "destroyer of American jobs" who would "ship jobs to China and many other distant lands."

"If given the chance," Trump add, "he will be the destroyer of American greatness."


Thursday night's speech rounded off a scaled-back version of the Republican National Convention – an event that has taken place as the nation reels from the coronavirus pandemic, tensions over police brutality and systemic racism, and also a major hurricane.

Trump opened by offering his support by those impacted by Hurricane Laura and expressing thoughts of his brother, Robert, who passed away recently.

Aside Biden-bashing, the president looked to offer a positive outlook on the coronavirus, his economy, racial issues, employment rates, and his foreign policies.


America is "beating" the "challenge" of the coronavirus, Trump said, and a vaccine will be produced "before the end of the year – or maybe soon."

Despite tradition and regulation stating that the White House may not be used for political events, Trump opted for a location that is familiar to him.

The previous three days of the convention have aimed to portray a Republican Party united.

Demonstrations were expected outside the White House, as the nation also deals with unrest seen in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where protests erupted after a black man, Jacob Blake, was shot by a white officer seven times.

The Republicans claim that the violence that has erupted in Kenosha and some other American cities is to be blamed on Democratic governors and mayors.

Law and order has been a running theme throughout the RNC, with Trump continuing to offer his support for the nation's police forces and opposing movements like Defund The Police.


On Thursday, he said that he has done more for the Black community in four years than Biden has in his political career.

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday said that Americans "wouldn't be safe in

Joe Biden's America."

Four years ago, Trump declared in his acceptance speech that he alone can fix America's woes.

This year, however, he has found himself asking voters for another term at the one of the lowest points of his presidency, faced with a devastating pandemic, high unemployment and uncertainties over schools and businesses reopening.

Most polls show Trump trailing Biden in both battleground states and national polling.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said he was considering postponing his acceptance speech because of Hurricane Laura.

The president now plans to visit the areas impacted by the storm over the weekend.

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