VIDEO: Runaway bin lorry narrowly misses dog walker

Runaway bin lorry narrowly misses dog walker before smashing through garden wall after driver slams car into reverse to swerve out of its way

  • The incident happened in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on September 15
  • One motorist was filmed reversing out of the way of the runaway bin lorry 
  • The truck demolished a garden wall and collided with two cars on a driveway

A dog-walker narrowly avoided serious injury when she dodged a runaway bin lorry hurtling towards her. 

The hair-raising escape was caught on dashcam in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, shortly before 8am on Wednesday. 

The driver of a blue Vauxhall Corsa was filmed reversing rapidly out of the truck’s path as it veered across the road and picked up speed. 

The 26-tonne vehicle then mounted the pavement next to the dogwalker and smashed through a garden wall. 

A Vauxhall Corsa, pictured, had to reverse quickly out of the way of the runaway bin lorry 

The Corsa was able to manoeuvre out of the truck’s way which continued towards a dog walker and a garden wall 

The dog walker was just inches from being struck by the truck, which had nobody behind the wheel

The truck came to rest in the garden, damaging two cars parked on the driveway.  

Witness Victoria Williams, said it was ‘lucky no one was killed’. She had just dropped off her children at school and was driving to work when she saw the incident unfold. 

The 38-year-old teacher told BirminghamLive: ‘As I have come past Sutton Girls there was a blue Corsa in front of me.

‘Suddenly we could see this refuse truck hurtling towards us on the wrong side of the road.’

She continued: ‘At that point I saw there was wasn’t a driver in the cab and the door was open.

‘The driver in front of me put his Corsa in reverse and I did the same. We got out of the way.

‘There was a poor woman with a dog and first of all she froze. And then she had to run out of the way.

‘I spoke to her afterwards and she was really shaken up. It very nearly was a tragic accident. It could have killed her.’

The bin lorry ploughed through the garden wall before kitting two cars parked on the driveway

Ms Williams, who was late in to work, added: ‘The first thing the guy in front said to me was ‘I’m sorry I have just reversed at you’. 

‘But if he hadn’t it would have been a head-on collision with his car and it would have hit mine too. It was quick-thinking by him that probably saved us. 

‘We were all incredibly lucky.’ 

The bin lorry smashed through a brick wall and damaged two cars, one believed to be an Audi. There were no injuries and the ambulance service did not attend. 

West Midlands Police attended the incident and said it would investigate what happened. 

A Birmingham City Council spokeswoman said: ‘The cause of incident is being investigated and thankfully no-one was hurt.’ 

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