VW Up! driver fails to park their tiny car in a large driveway

Let the cat have a go! CCTV captures driver’s painful ‘20-point’ parking fail as he tries to reverse TINY car into a wide driveway

  • The VW Up was attempting to park outside a property in Chorley, Lancashire
  • The motorist misjudged their distance from a boundary wall while trying to park
  • A bemused cat stood watching the driver as they kept moving back and forwards

This is the hilarious moment a driver struggled to park one of the UK’s smallest cars in a wide driveway. 

The motorist, who was filmed on CCTV camera, tried to reverse a VW Up! into the space, where there was enough space to fit at least two of the tiny cars. 

The driver began their attempt by turning too late so the back of the car was heading towards a wall. 

At one stage a bemused cat stood watching the driver as they embarrassed themselves in their tiny car.  

This is the moment a driver attempted to reverse a VW Up! into a parking spot in Chorley, Lancashire

The driver was trying their best to keep tight to the wall but was unable to judge their distance from the boundary 

Instead of pulling forward and moving towards the centre of the parking space, the driver continues attempting to reverse tight to the boundary wall. 

For more than two minutes, the car continues to go forwards and backwards.  

Footage recently released by a neighbour, shows the incident on the afternoon of April 20, in Chorley, Lancashire.

The red 3-door Volkswagen Up! is just 3.6 metres long and 1.6 metres wide, and is listed by Auto Express as one of the smallest cars on sale in the UK this year.

As the clip begins an unknown man is leaning against the wall, however he moves out of the way when he sees the driver reversing towards the driveway.

The shared driveway had enough room for at least two cars, but the driver found it difficult to reverse one of the smallest cars on British roads into the spot

Unlike many premium models, the budget VW Up! does not have a reversing camera or parking sensors as standard

It proves a wise decision as the hapless driver struggles to park, forcing the tabby cat to keep moving around to get out of the car’s way.

Dave Nelson shared the clip online and wrote: ‘How hard can it be to reverse into an empty drive?’

One wrote: ‘How these people pass their test is beyond me. Tiny car, big space – what’s the problem?’

A third said: ‘That was bloody painful to watch!’

A fourth added: ‘The cat was thinking let me try it, you’ll be here all bloody day.’

The Volkswagen Up! is popular with new drivers as it is the third cheapest for a 17-year-old to insure at £697 a year, behind the Fiat 500 at £682 and the Toyota Aygo at £641, according to insurer Admiral. 

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