Wayne Couzens is Britain's most cold-blooded monster and should never taste freedom again

WAYNE Couzens is the embodiment of evil and must never taste freedom again.

His deception, kidnap, rape and ­murder of poor Sarah Everard marks him out as one of the most appalling, calculating and cold-blooded monsters Britain has known.

Couzens used Sarah, ignored her ­mortal terror, snuffed out her life and — in her sister Katie’s words — “fly-tipped her like she meant nothing”.

He has inflicted on her family a lifelong torment way beyond ordinary grief.

Their impact statements are overwhelming and heart-breaking.

We have no greater punishment than a “whole-life” term which denies the criminal any chance of freedom. The judge must not hesitate to impose it today.

Beyond that — and given the catalogue of police failures that left Couzens free to kill — this must be a turning point for the Met and forces nationwide.

We don’t need another laborious inquiry followed by insincere statements about lessons being learned.

We need an immediate plan from police to end the tide of violence against women and girls and ensure predators like Couzens are caught before they strike.

From the Government there must be no excuses. Just fund it.

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