I'm a mom of triplets and used to hate showing my stomach – now I wear the crop top because I know I look good, I'm free | The Sun

A MOM of triplets has decided to take pride in her body.

She used to shy away from showing her stomach after having kids, but those days are far behind her now.

This fashion lover happily wears crop tops because she knows she looks good.

"I'm free," she said. Free from societal pressures to aim for the perfect female form.

This lady is fiercely proud of what her body has achieved.

"We gave life," said Lashed by Dre (@lashedbydre).

This is one busy lady. Aside from her triplets, she has another child, making her a mom of four.

If that was not enough for one person, she is also a licensed aesthetician.

In her post, she gave an inkling of her former attitude towards her post-partum body.

She wore a figure-hugging orange skirt, split on both sides.

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It was matched with a crop top, her baby belly on display.

“Oh my God, I don’t want to show my stomach because I had kids," was captioned across the screen.

But any shame she felt in her body has since disappeared as she revels in her shape.

With some sassy moves, she said: “Put the outfit on. You look good sis.

“Mom of triplets and I used to hate showing my stomach. Not anymore, I’m free.”

She urged her TikTok followers to do the same. Be proud of what you have done.

“Embrace it. We gave life," she wrote. "Embrace all of you and forget everybody."

Commenters were full of admiration for her stance.

“Oh my God, you have triplets. That’s so dope. You look good mama," said one person.

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This follower's sentiment was similar: “Every tigress stripes are different, and they are all good. Show it off.”

Another busy mom had also given up trying to hide hers: “I have four kids and I just don’t suck it in anymore. I haven’t got time for that.”

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