Claudia Winklemans transformation including unrecognisable blonde snap

Claudia Winkleman is known for her signature fringe and dark brunette locks, if that's when she's presenting Strictly Come Dancing or strutting her stuff down the red carpet. But the TV star, who also presents BBC's The Traitors, once donned a completely different look.

The TV presenter, 51, has sported her mid-length dark locks for as long as we can remember, often styled in soft waves or completely straight. Her face is framed by her chunky bangs with dark eyeliner completing the striking look that she sports during her various TV gigs.

But fans were left shocked when a throwback photo of Claudia was revealed, replacing her usual look with a fringeless blond style. The snap taken in 1995, showed the presenter with wavey mousey brown and blonde locks as she beamed at the camera with her hair pulled over to one side.

While the style was completely different, the length remained similar, just below the shoulders. Claudia looked unrecognisable in the throwback snap as she donned a blue denim shirt and navy jacket.

Having now settled on her iconic hairstyle, it appears Claudia has no plans to switch it up anytime soon, especially when it comes to her fringe. Speaking to Hello! she said: "I haven't seen my forehead for about 15 years. I don't even know what's under my fringe – there could be squirrels, parrots – I've got no idea.

"But no I can't imagine ever getting rid of it."

To ensure she's TV-ready, Claudia admitted to being an advocate of a fake tan and incorporates it into her Strictly beauty regime. The mum of three once said: "When I’m orange, I feel better."

As we all know, self-tan doesn't come without its challenges as Claudia admitted to Grazia Daily in 2020: "Weirdly my hair is the least of my worries. I've only got my hair, that's what I'm holding onto, everything else has gone to pot. My attempt at fake tan was a disgrace. I woke up with a whole handprint of it on my face".

The TV star also said it had taken her years to feel comfortable in her own skin and described her experience by saying: "There is something amazing about your late 40s. In my 20s I was a bit angsty, in my 30s it was all about babies. But my 40s have been great, my late 40s even better."

Fully embracing her signature look with confidence, Claudia is encouraging others to do the same. Sharing: "I don’t think anybody should hold judgment. I have three tans a week for goodness sake. I am burnt orange. I will use anything for my fake tan. I would use gravy. I have used mud before. I will use a brown Sharpie."

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