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Can YOU spot the woman's face in this optical illusion?

Optical illusion claims only high IQs can spot the woman’s face within 9 seconds – but can YOU find her? Can you spot the face of a woman in the illustration in nine seconds?  READ MORE: Can YOU find the snowboards hiding among the wintery weather in this chilly puzzle? Put your observational skills to the

QUENTIN LETTS: Rishi angrier than Cromwell's wart over Tory infighting

QUENTIN LETTS: Biffy Rishi was angrier than Oliver Cromwell’s wart as he addressed the latest Tory infighting at an emergency news conference There is something rather liberating when a polite technocrat loses his rag. Boy, Rishi Sunak was cross. Normally tolerant to a fault, the Prime Minister called an emergency Downing Street news conference to

Feast your eyes on these picture-perfect presents

Feast your eyes on these picture-perfect presents A selection of beautiful books on subjects ranging from royalty to nature  READ MORE:  Picture this: British Family Escapes by Alice Tate Diana: The Life and Legacy of the People’s Princess by Brian Hoey (Pitkin £12.99, 189 pp) Is it really 25 years since Princess Diana died? It is,

I knock years off my face in seconds with one concealer technique

A make-up artist has discovered a clever way to help beauty fans knock years off their face, using a brightening technique on one area of the face. Sometimes less really is more with make-up, as the focus should be on where products are applied rather than how much is used. Because the skin around the

Rio Ferdinand puts UFC champion Leon Edwards in chokehold

Sign up to our free sport newsletter for all the latest news on everything from cycling to boxing Sign up to our free sport email for all the latest news Thanks for signing up to the Sport email New footage has shown UFC champion Leon Edwards talking Rio Ferdinand through a rear naked choke –