Tasha Paige flown to Spain for party by man she met online

My friends freaked out when I told them I was flying to Spain for a holiday with a male stranger I met online – this is what went down and how I’ll make $20,000 from it

  • Tasha Paige flew to Spain for a party with a mystery man
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A young woman has revealed what happened when she was flown to Spain on a lavish holiday by a man she met online – despite her friends raising safety concerns.

Tasha Paige, from the Gold Coast, was asked by the man if she would come and holiday in his Spanish villa and she agreed if he forked out the money for her flight. 

Four days later the 23-year-old found herself on a plane to the Mediterranean to party with the internet casanova and 20 other women. 

Tasha told FEMAIL she earns six figures making racy content online and has to remain tight-lipped about what went on in the villa – she did admit, however, that there was an X-rated element to the trip. 

‘I cant say a lot but it wasn’t PG. Most of my time in Spain was spent in the villa with him and other girls,’ she said. 

Tasha Paige (pictured), from the Gold Coast, was asked by a man she met online if she would come on holiday in his Spanish villa and she agreed if he forked out the money for her flight

‘(The man) arranged for several woman to be attending. He sent me the link to the villa so I could see if the place we were staying which was nice. I sent him my details then he then sent my flight information.’

Tasha expects to make a whopping $20,000 from the content she made on her wild Spanish adventure. 

She has gained a huge following on social media thanks to her very honest anecdotes on hook ups, dating and being a young OnlyFans creator. 

Tasha sparked concern among her fans who worried for her safety when she revealed she was being flown across he globe to meet a relative stranger. 

‘I’m on my way to Spain today, I have a guy flying me out, pretty sure he’s flying out like 20 girls actually,’ Tasha said in a TikTok video before her flight. 

Tasha told FEMAIL she earns six-figures making racy content online and has to remain tight lipped about what went on in the villa

‘This man invited me to Spain and I was like, ‘I’ll come if you pay for my flight’…It’s a ten bedroom villa, we’re going to do some s*** I can’t say on here.’

The comments were flooded by viewers telling Tasha to ‘stay safe’ and ‘be careful’. 

‘Is this where Tash gets kidnapped!?!’ one user said and another wrote: ‘Location on, girl! Don’t get trafficked’. 

However Tasha had no qualms about her safety as she has many mutual friends with the man and said she was excited about her first trip to Spain. 

‘All my friends have my location and he is also well known by my friends. I wasn’t concerned of my safety with him,’ she said. 

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