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Christmas travel by train is three times the cost of flying on average

Train pain for Christmas travellers as it is revealed rail fares are up to EIGHT times more expensive than flying to Europe over the festive period – check to see how much YOUR travel will cost Biggest gap is London-Barcelona where train costs 8.7 times as much as plane Largest difference in UK is Bristol-Newcastle

Moment burglar in red hoodie caught stealing kids' Christmas presents

Bad Santa! Moment burglar wearing red hoodie is caught on camera stealing children’s Christmas presents from under OC family’s tree This is the moment a burglar was caught on camera as he stole children’s Christmas presents from beneath a family’s tree in Orange County, California, on Monday. The suspect sported a red hoodie as he

Trapped seal pup rescued before being drowned by high tide

Seal pup trapped up to its neck in sand and wedged between sea defences is rescued just in time before it was drowned by the high tide The grey seal pup was trapped in a sand between sea defences It would have drowned, as the tide was due on Waxham Beach, Norfolk But a group

Gang who stabbed music industry boss, 32, to death face jail

Gang of muggers who stabbed music industry boss, 32, to death for ‘£125,000’ Patek Philippe watch that was probably a fake face jail Emmanuel Odunlami, 32, was killed while out celebrating his birthday in London A gang of muggers who stabbed a music industry boss to death for a ‘£125,000’ Patek Philippe watch, that was

Rishi Sunak on collision course with left-wingers over landmark trans guidance for schools – key details revealed | The Sun

RISHI Sunak is on a collision course with carping left-wingers threatening to sink his landmark trans guidance for schools. The long-awaited rules stressed that teachers should only let kids behave as the opposite gender in “extremely rare” cases in consultation with their parents. Granting a child’s request to socially transition – changing their pronouns, name