I've made £21k in under 2 years renting my clothes to strangers – it’s the easiest side hustle & takes an hour a day | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared how she’s made £21,000 via a side hustle of renting out clothes in her wardrobe.

Savvy Jessica Templeton, 35, was inspired to start getting some extra cash when so many people came up to her at a wedding and asked where her dress was from.

Just weeks before she had been to another wedding where the bride had told her she got all her incredible white outfits for the weekend from a rental platform called By Rotation.

Jessica, from Buckinghamshire, who is a size 12 or 14, decided to create an account and listed her guest dress, which was a green and gold dress from Ba&sh.

Within a few weeks, someone had booked her dress, and it has been rented 14 times since.

While it had initially cost her £430, she now rents it out for £15 a day with a minimum of three days.

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Jessica started listing more dresses, but knew she could only fit in the side hustle around her full-time marketing job. 

Speaking to Business Insider, she explained: “I spend about an hour a day on this; I get rentals back on a Tuesday — since people usually wear these items over the weekends — and I pack all outgoing rentals on Sunday night for the following week. 

“This is something anyone can do by digging deep into their closet.”

Jessica also created an Instagram account, JessWithDresses, in 2022, where she shares photos that her customers have sent her wearing her dresses.

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She added: “I love getting messages and photos from women who have worn my clothes to their special events.”

Now she has over 100 five-star reviews on By Rotation and over 50 on Hurr, and says she thinks this is due to messaging each customer and being quick to respond and friendly.

She now rents out on average 21 pieces each month, although in November she had 63 rentals in the busy run-up to Christmas.

Jessica continued: “Over the past 18 months, I have made over £21,392, or nearly $27,000, by renting on By Rotation and Hurr.”

Due to her limited time around her job, the marketing pro has streamlined the process so her side hustle can fit into her life.

She firstly works with a local dry cleaner who picks up all items that need to be cleaned and then returns them at the end of the week.

Her local postal worker also picks up the deliveries from her doorstep so she doesn’t need to make endless trips to the post office.

The best part of her business is that her “out-of-pocket costs are minimal” and the rental price includes dry cleaning and postage costs.

She said she did invest in a label printer with thermal ink which cost £100 to save time cutting out package labels.

One of her tips was to buy a couple more dresses each month using her profits, which helps to build up her inventory.

Her biggest piece of advice is to make a spreadsheet with all the dry cleaning, dates of returns and pricing.

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Jessica’s side hustle also has sentimental value for her, as it’s helping her fund her fertility journey. 

Writing on Instagram, she wrote: “Lending my wardrobe to fund our journey to parenthood following recovery from stage III cancer.”

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