Joss Stone is married! Singer reveals secret wedding to long-term partner Cody DaLuz

Joss Stone has shared that she secretly tied the knot with her long-term partner, Cody DaLuz. The singer revealed that an "omen" on stage led them to make the decision to get hitched.

Speaking to 5 News, Joss shared a magical moment from a performance of The Time Traveller Wife: "Ok, I'll tell you something magical, really truly. You know when she throws the flowers at the end?" she asked director Bill Buckhurst, who responded: "Did they go to you?"

Joss then revealed: "They came to me and I almost reached out for them to catch the flowers – this is when she gets married and they do the whole thing and that's the end of the first act – and they sort of fell down here and there was an empty seat – the only empty seat in the whole place. And no one went to pick them up and I was like, well they were for me! So I picked them up and everyone was like, yay!!! Anyway, I went home to Nashville and we got married last Thursday."

She excitedly added: "I thought it was a good omen!"

Joss, known for her hit song You Had Me, has previously spoken about the challenging birth of her daughter Violet. The little one was in breach, leading to Joss having a C-section. Thankfully, both mum and baby were healthy.

However, the birth of her son Shackleton was also a tough experience, lasting a whopping 32 hours. She was warned that due to her previous C-section, there was a risk of uterine rupture.

After hours of trying to deliver Shackleton naturally, Joss experienced severe pain and noticed her baby's heartbeat slowing down. An emergency team was called as her uterus had ruptured and her son's head was stuck in her abdomen, something she wasn't aware of at the time.

She explained: "You only know it's happened because the baby's heart rate plummets, and at that point, the doctors only have around 14 minutes to get your baby out alive."

Now the pair say they've started the adoption process to grow their family. Chatting with Hello!, Joss revealed: "We're trying to do our home study. I hope we get to do it. I want, like, 25 kids."

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