Kel Mitchell Explains Hospitalization, Bulging Disc to Blame

Kel Mitchell is finally explaining what the heck landed him in the hospital — and it sounds like he feared the worst for a quick minute there … with some truly scary symptoms.

The former Nickelodeon star hopped on IG and showed everybody that he’s doing much better now and in good spirits — not to mention spilling on what everyone’s been wondering since he first went into the ER … namely, WHAT HAPPENED?

According to Kel, it all started Tuesday when he was walking around and started to feel dizzy — which he says he attributed to him possibly being dehydrated or simply low on food.

However, when parts of his body started to go numb … that’s when Kel says he started panicking and got rushed over to a hospital. KM goes on to say he couldn’t lift his arm for a bit — and that he and his loved ones suspected something terrible had happened. He doesn’t say it explicitly … but it sounds like he might’ve thought stroke, considering the warning signs.

Fortunately for everyone, it wasn’t that … as it turns out, Kel says an old injury flared up and that caused a bulging disc along his spine to rub up against a nerve — and that was causing the problems he was experiencing. TMZ broke the story … he came in conscious and alert.

Kel says they ran a battery of tests on him, which is why he had to stay overnight … but he’s out now and doing much better. The guy again thanks his fans for the well-wishes.

Also, Kel says folks should be on the lookout for more “Good Burger 2” content soon … now that the actors’ strike is over, it’s full steam ahead there. Glad to see he’s up and at ’em.

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