Khloé Kardashian Wants Tristan Thompson OUT! But He Won't Let Go Of Their Real Estate Deal??

It’s time for Tristan Thompson to move on… literally!

That’s Khloé Kardashian‘s take, at least. On Thursday’s new episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, the Good American founder slammed her embattled ex-slash-baby daddy for trying to hold on to real estate roots right alongside her — even after his cheating scandals!

In the desert city of Palm Springs, California a couple years ago that Khloé and the NBA star jointly purchased two side-by-side lots on which they intended to build a desert dream home. Of course, in the years since that purchase, Khloé’s life has been rocked by Tristan’s jaw-dropping infidelities. And now, Khlo-money wants the basketball hooper to move the f**k on!!

In Thursday’s ep, during an Easter jaunt with the rest of the fam out to Palm Springs, the 39-year-old star’s sis Kourtney Kardashian asked a question about the real estate situation:

“What’s up with your lot here?”

Disgruntled, Khloé replied:

“Tristan and I bought two lots together in Palm Springs when we were together. Here we are, many moons later, and we still own these lots together.”

Then, in a confessional, Khloé explained how Tristan was dragging his feet on letting go of his side of the property:

“Tristan won’t give up his end of the lot. Hopefully time will get the best of him and he’ll sell me the other half.”


Of course, we also learned in Thursday’s new ep how Kourtney really feels about Tristan. So, we’re sure the Poosh founder is NOT down for all this lot lollygagging. Khloé, on the other hand, has been FAR more patient with the Los Angeles Lakers vet. Probably a little bit too patient! But in this specific real estate situation, she wants him OUT!

During the chat in Kourt’s backyard, Khloé straight-up asked Tristan to resolve the situation:

“Who’s getting the lots?”

Then, the Revenge Body alum turned to Kourtney and joked about it:

“Tristan is hoping that I’m going to forget.”

Yeah… And it may not have been a joke?! Tristan was noncommittal in his answer when pushed, saying only that the ex-couple should “continue to work” on themselves and “let time figure it out” with the unused lots. Dude, WTF?! It sounds like he still thinks they’ll get back together tbh…

Khloé looked visibly frustrated when Tristan started stammering out those answers. Then, in a confessional, she explained why she’s so miffed:

“Right now, he is convinced we are going to build this house. I don’t know if he thinks that we’re going to do this together as a couple or we’re just doing this and going to have a co-op and share this home that we built together. I don’t know where his head is at, but one of us will break eventually.”

Yeah… Sounds like it might be time for Tristan to s**t or get off the lot!

What’s your reaction to it, y’all?? Any hot lot thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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