LaVar Ball Claims Gelo Bench Presses 420 Pounds, Fans Skeptical

LaVar Ball is back to making eyebrow-raising claims about one of his boys … this time, he insisted Gelo bench pressed over 400 pounds on Wednesday — but a whole lot of people on the internet aren’t buying it at all.

LaVar shared video on Instagram of he and his 24-year-old brother in the workout room this week … showing Gelo pushing some big weight off his chest — all while Dad proudly looked on.

Gelo’s form wasn’t exactly ideal — he used plenty of his lower back to get the bar down and up — but, nonetheless, he was able to lift it.

Where social media users got skeptical of the situation, though, was when LaVar made the claim that it all weighed 420 pounds.

The elder Ball swore that despite the size of the weights on the bar, they totaled up at least 200 LBs on each side. He added in a caption on the flick, “400 is 400.”

For what it’s worth, Gelo cosigned on it all … re-sharing the clip on his own IG page — while captioning it, “Biggest APE.”

Gelo is still trying to join his brothers, Lonzo and LaMelo, in the NBA … getting in plenty of runs in the G League the past couple years with the hopes of being elevated into the big show soon.

Perhaps some newfound strength in the gym will finally get him on a team with his bros?? Stay tuned.

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