Theres nothing more feminine: Frankie Bridge defends pixie cuts with snaps from girl band days

If you've scrolled through the news in recent days, you'll likely have seen some headlines about Miss France. Earlier this week, Eve Gilles, a Nord Pas de Calais-born beauty queen, was awarded the coveted crown after beating dozens of other promising contestants. There's nothing internationally newsworthy there, except that Eve is the first beauty queen in the country's 103-year pageant history with a pixie cut to win.

After news broke of Eve's win, trolls took to the Internet to debate how 'feminine' short hair is, noting that previous winners have all worn their hair long and flowing. The competition itself has received a fair bit of criticism in recent years for a lack of diversity, so this social media debate has now spiralled to a point where even celebrities feel the need to share their opinions on the subject of short hair.

One famous face who isn't afraid to share her feelings on the topic is Frankie Bridge. The former Saturdays singer has long been a wearer of haircuts that range from short crops to pixie-like cuts that greatly resemble Miss France's current style. Because of this, Frankie has taken to her Instagram to give her take on the Miss France fuss.

Regramming a post using a quote Frankie gave in a previous interview, the Story reads: "I personally feel that there's nothing more feminine than a woman who can pull off a pixie cut, but maybe I'm biased. I thought we'd come a long way since being told that women are only beautiful if they have long hair?!"

Frankie then goes on to reshare a second Instagram Story from a pal, noting that she "couldn't have said it better" herself.

"There is nothing more powerful or feminine than a woman that braves short hair IMO. It's baring all, nothing to hide behind. Anyone that has a problem with it needs their head checked," the post reads.

Eve's views mimic Frankie's, with the newly-crowned Miss France eloquently saying: "We're used to seeing beautiful Misses with long hair, but I chose an androgynous look with short hair," adding that every "woman is different, we're all unique."

With short haircuts in-fashion this season and the bob reigning supreme in the celeb world, could 2024 be the year we stop judging women by their hair? Luckily, the sensible side of the Internet thinks so.

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