Will Smith Says He's 'Deeply Human,' Reflects on Recent 'Adversities'

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Will Smith is once again reflecting on the ups and downs of his life over the past couple years — and he says he’s a work in progress … who shouldn’t rely on outside validation.

The actor was onstage and addressing a crowd Saturday in Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Film Festival — where he talked about a number of things … but perhaps most notably, he addressed his “many adversities” over the past couple years and how he’s processed it.

Of course, he’s very much alluding to his Oscars slap moment — but he also seems to be touching on his personal life as well, especially as it pertains to his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out what he says about the highs and lows of fame … it’s interesting.

It’s a long-winded response he has here, but essentially … it boils down to not needing the outside world to clap for him on any given thing he’s doing, professionally or otherwise.

will smith

It sounds like Will has sought that as the years have gone on … but he now says he has to teach himself to be content with himself/his mission regardless — vowing to continue on the path of self-improvement and to not let outside influences affect him as much as they have.

On how he’s reacted to setbacks, WS says he’s “deeply human” … and that is virtue is not perfected, although he hopes to sharpen it now going forward. His goal these days is to perfect his light, and to teach others about the craft of filmmaking/storytelling.

It might sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo … but there are kernels of wisdom in what Will’s saying. From what we can glean — he’s essentially promising not to let the world get him down, or to rile him up … regardless of what’s being said, or who’s saying it.

As you know, Will’s been the subject of A LOT of chatter lately … not so much for the slap these days, but for his relationship — which was recently revealed to be less than traditional.

Will Smith Through The Years

The other good news out of this weekend appearance is the fact he revealed ‘I Am Legend 2’ is a go … and that Michael B. Jordan is going to be in it — with a script now done.

Will says he’s supposed to talk to Mike Sunday to discuss next steps. Finally, some focus back on work!

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