Biden-Harris Administration Launches AI Safety Institute

The Biden-Harris administration has announced it’ll be establishing the US AI Safety Institute (USAISI) under the Department of Commerce. The USAISI will be responsible for regulating the government’s use of AI technology.

The implementation of the USAISI follows an executive order that President Biden signed detailing safe AI practices for federal agencies. The Institute will dedicate itself to developing standards for safety, development and testing of new AI.

It’ll also create a set of standards that can be used to authenticate AI content and differentiate it from the real deal. Additionally, it will provide testing mechanisms for researchers dedicated to AI issues.

The administration says it’s working with people throughout “academia, industry, government, and civil society to advance AI safety,” along with collaborating with the UK’s own AI Safety Institute.

“Just as AI has the potential to do profound good, it also has the potential to cause profound harm, from AI-enabled cyber-attacks at a scale beyond anything we have seen before to AI-formulated bioweapons that could endanger the lives of millions,” she said.

“To define AI safety we must consider and address the full spectrum of AI risk — threats to humanity as a whole, threats to individuals, to our communities and to our institutions, and threats to our most vulnerable populations,” she continued. “To make sure AI is safe, we must manage all these dangers.”

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