Can YOU spot the woman's face in this optical illusion?

Optical illusion claims only high IQs can spot the woman’s face within 9 seconds – but can YOU find her?

  • Can you spot the face of a woman in the illustration in nine seconds? 
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A mysterious optical illusion is putting people’s IQs to the test – and apparently, it’s only the highest-scorers who will make out the mysterious shape.

A black and white drawing, shared by American Puzzle Cards, looks like its from an old children’s book – but if you can spot the face within the natural scene within nine seconds, you have a high IQ, according to the designers.

The sketch-style drawing appears to be a man, dressed like Peter Pan, looking for something in the woods. 

However, although it’s not initially obvious, the snap has a hidden woman somewhere in the illusion and it’s your job to find her.

If you’re up to the task, get your timer on and try solve it within a nine second period.

The latest optical illusion, shared by American Puzzle Cards, is putting your IQ levels to the test as it’s asking you to spot the hidden face within nine seconds

If you’re struggling to find the young woman, you’re not alone, as sometimes it might take a little bit longer. 

Many people have been left stumped with this optical illusion as they can only see the man amongst trees. 

But being able to locate the woman in rapid time can mean a lot of things for your IQ score.

If you needs a hint, the hidden face is not far from the man, found in the centre of the illustration.

Did you find her? If you’re still searching stop scrolling now, as the answer will be revealed below.

Scroll down for the answer…

It may be hard to see, but she is hidden just below the man’s arm. The area is circled red for ease.  

It may be hard to see, but she is hidden just below the man’s arm. The area is circled red for ease

Elsewhere, a Christmas brainteaser has left people puzzled as they try to find Santa, his sleigh, and the five presents he lost along the way.

The festive puzzle has been created in time for the lead up and it turns out that 80 per cent of people can’t solve it in less than a minute – can you?

The festive puzzle was created by motoring experts at ATS Euromaster before it was circulated around the UK to see how quickly people could solve it. 

Research found that people took on average, 1 minute 40 seconds to solve it as tracking all of Father Christmas’ lost presents baffled Brits.

The brainteaser will strain any user’s eyes in frustration as they try to spot the items

The fastest time it took one eagle-eyed user to spot Santa, his sleigh and the five Christmas gifts was 45 seconds.

Scroll down to check out the answers, circled in red. 

It comes after users put their vision to the test in this wintery puzzle, searching for some snowboards.

The chilly winter months are certainly now upon us but a mind-boggling brain teaser may leave you with steam coming out of your ears.

This puzzle challenges players to find the six snowboards tucked away in the snowy scene.

But only 33 per cent of gamers were able to find the snowboards in under 20 seconds, gaming experts Genting claim.

So do you have what it takes to spot the items among the crowd in record-breaking time? Scroll down to give more puzzles a try but remember – no cheating!

If you find yourself pondering over the image for ages, there’s no need to fret – just take a glance at the person dragging a child on a sled in the centre of the snap.

Need another hint? If you look to the top right you can see one of the six boards just beneath a child gleefully making a snow angel.

Did you spot them all? Don’t worry if you didn’t do it within a minute, as it took the average user 1 minute and 40 seconds to spot Father Christmas, his sleigh, and five festive gifts

The chilly winter months are upon us but a mind-boggling brain teaser may leave you with steam coming out of your ears

Finding the snowboards is tricky as only 33 per cent of gamers were able to find them in under 20 seconds

With a glance to your right you can also find another individual proudly holding their snowboard in the air – just below the ice sculpture of a swan. 

The final two are slightly more challenging to see, with one tucked away behind presents underneath a Christmas tree and another lodged into the head of a snowman in the bottom right.

Down to solve another mind-bending brainteaser? Now it’s time to spot skiers racing down a slope on green skis.

To the untrained eye, it looks deceptively easy – and you may even question how long it could possibly take to find six pairs.

A quick scan of the puzzle will have your eyes playing tricks on you as the brown, black and green skis meld into one. Click here to check it out.



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