G.H. Bass Stepping Out Campaign Is Back for FW23

Since its establishment in 1876, Maine-based footwear company, G.H. Bass has centered on the versatile timelessness of loafers, lace-ups, boots and more – although loafers remain a successful brand signature. In continuing to bring its brand to new audiences, the brand blends classic and contemporary style notes with its “Stepping Out” Campaign. Now the brand has revealed the campaign’s latest installment for the Fall/Winter 2023 season.

Like the Spring/Summer 2023 edition, the new campaign returns to London to showcase a catalog of creatives showcasing how they wear their G.H. Bass shoes. “On the streets of London we follow some of our friends who not only inspire us with their creativity, but make Weejuns part of their daily wardrobes,” wrote the brand. “From a stylist, to an editor, artist, actor, film
producer and DJ the subjects emulate the range of creative vocations London represents. Whilst showcasing the growing demographic of individuals who incorporate G.H BASS silhouettes into their personal everyday style.”

The new campaign features creatives André Larnyoh, Leah Muscat, Natalie Zannikos, Peter Bevan, Yas Philgence and Rohan Rakhit – spanning careers like actors, writers, editors, tv producers, freelance artists and more.

Take a look at G.H. Bass’s new Fall/Winter 2023 Stepping Out campaign in the gallery above.
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