I earn £100k a month from nudes – datings hard as men are intimidated by me

A model who ditched her 9-5 banking job for erotic modelling said men are often put off by the amount of money she earns. Yvonne Bar claimed she's single because she pockets more than £100,000 a month.

The bombshell left her investment job then splashed £60,500 on plastic surgery as she wanted curves. She's now considered Germany's most successful model.

Since she turned to racy snaps online, the 30-year-old makes a fortune each month – and she's certainly satisfied with her earnings. But it has been an issue for her dating life.

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Yvonne is yet to find her knight and shining armour as she believes it has something to do with her job. She also said her options to meet men are limited.

She said: "Of course I work a lot. The way I earn my money is certainly something that some people have problems with. Financially it's not easy either, if the man earns a lot less than me, it will be a problem. Especially for the man's ego.

"I like to treat myself to beautiful things. I can afford all of this myself. I'm taking my mother on vacation to a nice hotel, to a nice restaurant.

"I don't have to wait for a man to invite me. Men often have the feeling that they can show you new things or enable you to do things that you may not be able to achieve yourself."

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On being open to possibilities, Yvonne said: "A new love would of course be nice. I don't get as many offers as you might think because my inbox doesn't work on Instagram. My opportunities to meet men are limited.

"I'm not a party type at all. But I like to do nice things. Of course, it would be even nicer with two people."

She continued: "I want something with substance, no back and forth. Something real. I actually want a family. Get married, sooner or later. Of course children too."

The influencer, who boasts more than 3.4million Instagram followers, often travels around Europe, the US and UAE for work.

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She continued: "I feel very safe here. My gym in Dubai is 'Ladies Only', actually the gym is a good place for acquaintances.

"On Sundays, I sometimes go to another studio and people have already spoken to me there, but in a friendly way."

When asked about how the USA and UAE are different to Germany, she stated: "In Miami, some people walk through the shopping centre in thongs.

"I wouldn't do that in Dubai, I wouldn't do that anywhere. I don't go shopping in Dubai in a bikini. I stick to the cultural guidelines of a country."

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