I left £1k a week life for £70 one – I worried poor family would crash Porsche

A wealthy woman wanted to see what it would be like to give up her life of luxury.

So Lisa Marie Brown signed up to Channel 5 show – Rich House Poor House. The premise of the programme is to give affluent people a look at what it's like on the breadline.

And the 42-year-old, from Cardiff Bay, was paired with a couple called Holly and Innocent. They live with their three children in Bridwater, Somerset, and survive on just £70 a week for food and other essentials.

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Holly, who has a bright pink Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren, had some reservations though. During the home swap, she was worried the other family would wreck her supercars.

Lisa told Fabulous: “Holly’s a carer and Innocent works in mental health, they’ve had some terrible times and were homeless in the past. They’re left with £70 a week to buy food and other essentials.

“When I’m at home I can easily get through £1,200 a week, though a lot of that goes on my cars. New tyres alone cost a fortune.

“I could cope with the small budget and batch cooking, the biggest shock to my system was not having a car to drive and I was terrified they’d crash my Porsche."

Despite her fears, Lisa fully embraced the experiment. And she even decided to offer some financial support to the household – gifting Holly money to set up her own cafe business.

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Lisa was able to put herself in the family's shoes due to her background. While she lives a charmed life in her three-bedroom penthouse flat nowadays, she came from humble origins.

After her dad left, she lived in her mum in a "run-down" house. And to bring in some extra cash, she started working as an assistant in a hair salon at just 14.

This experience shows her what it was like to graft – and she's worked hard ever since.

The shrewd businesswoman has her finges in many pies – from a construction business training program called Pinkspiration to supercar events company P1nk. She also does property flips, renovating them and selling them on for a nice profit.

All the hard work has paid off – as she's now lost count of all the designer bags she owns. She also jets off on lavish trips Dubai and unwinds at celebrity hotspots like the Dorchester in London.

She added: “Within five years of starting my business I bought my first Maserati – pink of course, costing £60,000, and I haven’t looked back.”

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