I tripled income flaunting my baby bump – people call me sl*t but I dont care

Pregnancy is sexy – at least it appears to be the case for one saucy model.

Spanish model Patricia Steisy, 32, used to make EUR 4,000 (£3,473) per month from her raunchy content. Over the past few months she's seen that figure rocket thanks to her baby bump.

Now Patricia, from Granada, says she can make up to EUR 14,000 (£12,160) in a single month by simply showing off her blossoming pregnancy curves. It's been the making of her success on a popular online platform.

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She said: "It has tripled my income, now it is EUR 12,000-14,000."

Even though it's proved great for her bank balance, Patricia does face some backlash. She has critics who say she should be behaving more modestly as a mum-to-be, but she doesn't care.

She won't let the negativity bring her down, as she's not ashamed of what she does. And, besides, it's really helped to set her up financially too.

"People say 'You're a sl*t'," she added. "But I live in a big chalet now and I'm not ashamed."

Patricia also boosts her income by working as a regular social media influencer, and she's now built around 412,000 Instagram followers. The two platforms give her a monthly income of around EUR 20,000 (£17,371).

If you head to her page you'll see all sorts of snaps – from pictures of her cradling her bumps to bikini shots. She's also seen enjoying life with friends and loved ones.

In the pictures she always looks super happy, and seems to make the most out of life. She's determined she doesn't want a full time job, as creating content online makes her happy.

She said: "I prefer to do this instead of asking to be paid to work because I don't want to work."

OnlyFans is a growing business, with over two million content creators catering to a market of 420 million active monthly users, according to techreport.

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