IKEA Launches First-Ever Sports Collection

IKEA has officially dropped its first-ever sports collection called the DALJIEN. On par with the ethos of the Swedish furniture brand, the pieces in the DALJIEN collection are made to seamlessly fit into the home.

Redefining at-home training, the collection features 19 versatile products meant to support movement in everyday life and enabling people to create health habits at home. Continuing to make at-home workouts accessible in the living space, the DALJIEN collection is built from the insights of homes in densely populated cities like New York, Chicago, London and Shanghai. Understanding that exercise products are usually seen as bulky and clashes with home decor, the DALJIEN collection is adaptable and offers multi-functional solutions. Many of the collections pieces serve as both training equipment and stylish and practical design pieces.

Designed with subtle colors and details, the products blend into the home and naturally become part of the everyday environment at home. From exercise mats to a stepup board to a set of ring dumbells, DALJIEN also extends to recovery and stress relief products like an air purifier, yoga straps, kneepads, a massage ball and a portable speaker. Several wearable pieces are also included in the collection like slippers and two distinct ponchos for post-workout relaxation.

The IKEA DALJIEN collection is set to arrive in January 2024 and will be available for six months or until supplies last.
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