Im proud to be a racy older model – my age is one of my biggest assets

A 56-year-old content creator has revealed she's 'proud' to be a mature model, saying 'beauty and strength come with age'.

Elaina St. James, from Chicago, US, says she's regularly trolled because she's an older model. However, she says getting older 'is a privilege'.

Talking to fans online this week, the brunette beauty said: “I am proud of every year; sometimes I feel like I’m put together with duct tape, but I believe that ageing is a privilege and not everyone gets it, so enjoy every moment.”

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Elaina says that "in this digital age, it's easy to hide behind a screen and pass judgment", however adds: "I choose to use these moments as opportunities to highlight the beauty and strength that come with age."

The model's approach to handling negativity isn’t just about speaking out in support of mature women, it's about uplifting and inspiring other models and creators who may face similar challenges.

Revealing her message, she said: “Age should be celebrated as an asset, not criticised as a limitation. My advice is to embrace every season of life with joy, confidence and grace.”

The comments come after Elaina recently admitted that being a content creator isn't an easy job. She says she works 40 hours a week in the role and is in 'constant fear' her social media pages will be deleted.

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However, the money certainly helps, as the model, who used to only earn $30,000 (£25,000) a year in her former insurance agent job, has now made $630,000 (£500,000) in less than two years from her new racy career.

Elaina says the money helps to support her and her son – despite her sexy job 'making him cringe'. "My son does know [what I do] and he has known from the beginning," she previously told Daily Star. "He acknowledges how hard I work and how tough it can be but he appreciates that it offers us a better life financially.

"He has told me he doesn’t like hearing when online trolls are mean to me but loves the flexibility this job offers so I am always there for him."

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