Laminated brows arent going anywhere this autumn – heres how to do them at home for under £20

If you were around in the 90s, you will probably remember with horror the thin overplucked eyebrow trend that wreaked havoc until the early 00s.

Luckily, for a good few years now the beauty world has loved fluffy, full but groomed eyebrows and the lamination technique is the best way to achieve the look.

If you are not familiar with this trend, eyebrow lamination is a way of essentially perming your brows into place, and like microblading and tinting, it helps you to achieve a fuller look without using too many products in your daily routine.

As much as we all love going to the salon and treating ourselves, it is not always sustainable in terms of time and cost, so we put together a list of products that help you tame your unruly brow from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1 – Clean your brows

A clean canvas is always the best way to start any beauty treatment, and eyebrow lamination is no exception. Pick any micellar water you fancy and make sure to remove any oil or residue.

Our beauty pick: Garnier Micellar Water Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin, £3 here

Step 2 – Brush your hair upwards

Take a clean spoolie and brush your eyebrow hair upwards starting from the base. Don't worry if it looks a little crazy, trust the process!

Our beauty pick: WBCo Bamboo 10 pack Spoolies, £4 here

Step 3 – Trim and tweeze (if necessary)

If you need to, tidy up your eyebrow area a little by using a tweezer to pluck any unwanted hair away and a pair of eyebrow scissors to trim the length of your hair if you prefer a shorter look.

Our beauty picks: Precision Eyebrow Scissors, £2.99 here and Boots Slanted Tweezer, £2 here

Step 4 – Stick the brows down

And now for the fun part, it's time to stick those brows down applying a brow soap or wax and shaping them to your liking.

Brow soaps are the last social media phenomenon with 625M views on TikTok and counting and will help you to lock your brows in place. To master the laminated look all you need to do is brush the soap through the brows making sure that every hair is coated, brush your hair up to the preferred style, and use your finger to flatten and stick them down.

Not sure which products to pick? Here are our favourite products that will keep your brows in check all day long:

Refy Brow Sculpt, £16 here

Pink Honey Original Superhold, £10 here

e.l.f Brow Lift Gel, £4.80 here

Glow Hub Freeze Plz Brow Kit, £12 here

byellie Brow Shape, £15.99 here

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze®, £16.10 here

Step 6 – Fill in your brows

If you have any sparse areas, fill them in to achieve the look of a fuller brow. Brow pencils are very easy to use but if you want to mimic the look of realistic brow hair go for an eyebrow marker.

Our beauty pick: Glossier Brow Flick, £18 here

Step 7 – Time for a brow gel

Last but not least, once you did reach a brow shape and look you love, swipe some clear brow gel on top to set everything into place.

Our beauty pick: MUA Lash & Brow Clear Mascara, £2 here .

Not sure you have time for seven steps but you still want that TikTok-worthy laminated look? Try the SHEEYOON Brow Lamination Kit, £13.99 here , that has everything you need to laminate your brows and get the final look with the REFECTOCIL Cream Hair Tint, £5.87 here .

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