My fiances proposal was so underwhelming I think I have to leave him

Proposals put a colossal amount of pressure on both parties, so picking the right time and place is of the utmost importance for a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, this was far from the case for one woman whose ill-fated proposal left her utterly disappointed, and questioning her entire relationship.

The botched engagement was detailed in a Reddit forum after the woman reached out to strangers for advice about her future.

The poster wrote: “My fiancée and I have been together for eight years. As a whole, we have a great stable relationship but I can’t move past my constant disappointment with his proposal.”

An engagement was at the forefront of the woman’s mind when she and her partner booked a romantic getaway, but when her boyfriend failed to get down on one knee, her hopes rapidly dwindled.

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“I didn’t receive a ‘this is why I love you’ speech or a grand gesture of asking me to marry him,” she wrote. “He never even got down on one knee (not that it’s the end of the world but it’s just painting the picture).

“It was the last day of our camping trip [and] I really thought he was going to propose.”

By the time her partner announced that he wanted to go fishing that evening, the woman had completely given up that a proposal was on the horizon.

“I sat in my kayak probably seven feet away and cried to myself for over an hour that it wasn’t going to happen since he didn’t propose at any beautiful hiking viewpoints or sunsets through the week and we were leaving in the morning,” she said.

Suddenly, however, events took an unexpected turn.

“When we bought the kayaks after fishing until dark he went to the truck, came back and handed me a ring box, saying ‘This should make you happy’. That’s it that’s all.”

Feeling underwhelmed about her fiance’s lack of enthusiasm, the woman reached out to fellow Redditors for a second opinion.

Commentators raced to reassure the poster that she was in her right to feel upset, with many slamming the husband for his utterly uninspiring geasture.

Some went to the extent of calling the gesture a “shut up” proposal. They wrote: “He knows she wants to get married, he’s not ready but is annoyed she’s pressing the issue.”

“Could the dude make it more obvious he didn’t want to propose?” another viewer commented.

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