My mans a binman and I used benefits to feed kids – sexy pics changed my life

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    A mum who was on benefits while her boyfriend grafted as a binman says being encouraged to sell sexy pictures transformed her children's fortunes.

    Laura Whyte was pocketing just £40 a week but is now earning up to £8,000 a month – and can treat her young son and daughter to three holidays a year.

    The Scottish babe, 30, has also saved enough for a deposit to move her family to a house in the countryside that they can call their own.

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    She has been making saucy content for her subscription page for two years – but it was actually her boyfriend who first persuaded her to do it.

    Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “My partner is a binman so we were just relying on his wages because I was practically a stay at home mum with my two children.

    “We had been thinking of a house for years and years but obviously the deposit… it was hard enough to get to the £5,000 never mind anything above that. We were trying to build something up but with his wage and the cost of things going up we were not able to put anything away.

    “So one day he just said… he heard on the radio about someone doing OnlyFans, so he was like ‘you should just give it a try’ and I did and the first few months I wasn’t really consistent with it.

    “But when I was actually putting my time and effort into it, I was making a couple of thousand a month but now it is up to seven or eight thousand that I can make.

    “You are always trying to better things for your kids so they can have something for when I’m no longer here or when my partner is no longer here. My life has now changed a lot.”

    Laura, who is from Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire, is also looking to convert a barn into a photography studio where she can shoot content to take her new career to even greater profits. And she said her recent success has been particularly satisfying having had her first child shortly after turning 18.

    At the time she had nothing to her name but she can now give her children, aged 11 and seven, a better standard of living to what they were used to.

    Reflecting on her financial progression, she added: “We can book a holiday without having to worry about bills or anything like that, it has changed things dramatically.

    “You wake up less depressed and there is less stress on your plate worrying about where you are going to get money from.

    “It is amazing, my daughter gets up every morning and says ‘I love you mummy, we are going on holiday soon’ and she just gets so excited.

    “We were getting £40 a week on benefits when my son was born so it is nice for him to get the experience of holidays and things he needs and not have to worry about anything else and he can experience things he didn’t when he was younger.”

    She also said becoming a well paid model has made her a better person – especially when it comes to supporting others.

    The selfless mum explained: “I can help my mum and I can help any friends if they are struggling. A lot of people who make loads of money don't tend to help others out but I know how it feels to have nothing and so if you need something I am there to help you.”

    As for whether her partner was tempted to quit his job on the back of her OnlyFans sales, she said: “No, he still works as a binman. He loves his job and going out speaking to the public and that so I don’t even think he'd ever leave his job.”

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