Rockstar Games Reportedly Planning 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Single-Player DLC

A single-player DLC could be in the works for Grand Theft Auto VI.

As per sources, Rockstar Games is already in the process of expanding the highly-anticipated title which doesn’t even have an official release date yet. “Rockstar had episodic content, aka SP DLC, planned for V way before release. Plans changed around mid to late 2014. You may have heard of the three episodes they were planning, but there was more too. The point is Rockstar was going with the same plan they had for IV. GTAO booming was unexpected,” GTA insider Tez2 claimed, referring to Rockstar’s initial plans of releasing single-player DLCs for GTA V that were scrapped due to the surprising success of GTA Online.

“Now, for VI, it’s different,” the insider continued. “It won’t be unexpected. And from what we’ve heard and what [gaming journalist] Jason Schreier said, Rockstar is already going with the same plan before. Episodic content with new map updates and expansions. Which would help reduce crunch. So I think we are gonna see SP updates as frequent as online updates. And the first major DLC within a year or two from launch.”

Fans are anticipating an April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 release window for GTA VI after Rockstar Games CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that the company has “a great outlook for fiscal 2025” as they are expecting to generate around $8 billion USD in net bookings. GTA VI could just be the title to give them that financial push.

Stay tuned for more info.

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