Skoda owners finally confess theyre the worst drivers in the country

Skoda owners have admitted being the worst drivers in the country.

A poll of drivers – who own everything from Bentleys and Mercedes to Skodas and Kias – found that those behind the wheel of Skodas confessed to being bad drivers.

A whopping 65% of Skoda drivers – models which include Octavia, Fabian and Superb – confessed they didn’t think they were much cop on the road.

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Among the famous Skoda owners include Doctor Who star David Tennant, Peepshow legend Robert Webb – and even Hollywood star Michael Douglas. At the other end of the scale were drivers of Aston Martins, who reckoned they were the best drivers in the UK – with just 17% saying they weren’t good drivers – and 83% saying they were.

Famous folk who drive Aston Martins include Mr Bean funny man Rowan Atkinson, footy icon David Beckham, and movie tough guy Jason Statham. Skoda driver Paul Benson, 31, of Norwich, admitted to often getting flustered behind the wheel.

He said: "It took me six times to pass my driving test, so I’m not the most confident driver. I get very flustered at roundabouts and one-way roads, but as long as I don’t go on the motorway I think I’m OK.”

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Richard Long, 48, of Watford, said he loved his second-hand Aston Martin Aston Martin DB9 Volante – which cost him £35,000 last year. The estate agent said: “I know I’m a good driver because I’ve never had a crash in nearly 30 years of driving.

"Also, since I got the Aston Martin I’m even more careful as it’s my pride and joy."

A spokesman for said: “It’s very clear from our study that Aston Martin owners consider themselves the best drivers in Britain, and Skoda drivers the worst.”

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