Story mfg. Debuts Inaugural Unisex Fragrance Line

London-based label Story mfg. is grounded in all things sustainable, building its business on reduced waste, animal kindness, and natural elements. The eco-friendly label provides a conscious approach to fashion, maintaining its direction with an inaugural fragrance range.

The unisex line marks Story mfg.’s first foray into fragrance, delivering two scents inspired by the great outdoors. The Eau De Parfums encapsulate Story mfg.’s brand ethos, crafted throughout several years of meticulous research. Story mfg. worked with local artisans to extract rare scents that emulate flora and fauna.

Story mfg. reevaluates the fragrance industry through sustainable production with packaging made from deadstock materials. The glass bottles feature unique stone lids that replace plastic stoppers, seeing Mitti Attar dominate both smells that mimic falling rain. “Earth Tone Research” is derived from the planet’s natural aroma, with powerful cardamom, zesty bergamot, and spicy black pepper top notes. Fir needle, lavender, and oakmoss reside at the heart, while musky vetiver positions the base.

“Never Ending Meadow” is in full bloom with decadent floral notes that overwhelm the body. Juniper berry and mimosa sit up top, with chamomile and vanilla pod hitting the middle and jasmine sambac flourishing at the baseline.

The Story mfg. unisex fragrance collection is available to shop now in 15ml, 50ml, 100ml sizes via the brand’s website.
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