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THYROID cancer is cancer that's found in the thyroid gland.

This a small butterfly-shaped gland at the front of your neck that releases hormones to help your digestion, muscles and heart.

It also helps regulate your body temperature and metabolism.

According to Cancer Research UK, thyroid cancer is more common in women than men but overall pretty rare in the UK.

As such, not many Brits would know to recognise its symptoms.

According to the NHS, some of the main red flags that could indicate you have the cancer include a lump in the front, lower part of your throat where your thyroid gland is, a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing and the feeling of something pressing onto the back of your neck.

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But less commonly, thyroid cancer could cause other, subtler symptoms that affect other parts of your body.

You might even notice of these when you go to the loo.

A sign you might be unwell is having softer poos or diarrhoea, according to the NHS.

Dr Sara Mesilhy, gastroenterologist at Royal College of Physicians, told the Mirror that looser poops aren't a typical sign of thyroid cancer and are considered an 'indirect consequence of the disease'.

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But because your thyroid gland is essential for regulating your body's mechanisms, disruption to it can cause changes to your bowel habits.

Dr Mesilhy explained: "Generally, the alteration of hormonal balance caused by thyroid cancers disrupts the normal body mechanisms, especially the hormones that affect the gastrointestinal system leading to changes in bowel habits, including diarrhoea."

You might have more 'obvious' diarrhoea depending on the type of thyroid cancer you have, she went on.

For example, medullary thyroid cancer is characterised by the secretion of the hormone calcitonin, which causes runny poos.

You might also notice diarrhoea after your cancer diagnosis, as the emotional and psychological stress can impact your digestive system, Dr Mesilhy said.

Some other uncommon signs of thyroid cancer include a flushed face, weight loss and a cough.

Signs of thyroid cancer and when to see a doctor

Here are the five most common signs of thyroid cancer, as well as some less common ones you might experience:

  1. a lump in the front, lower part of your neck – the lump usually feels hard, slowly gets bigger and is not painful
  2. a hoarse voice
  3. a sore throat
  4. difficulty swallowing or breathing
  5. pain in the front of your neck, or a feeling like something is pressing against your neck
  6. a red face– this may be harder to see on brown or black skin
  7. softer poos or diarrhoea
  8. weight loss
  9. a cough

The NHS recommends you see a GP if you notice a lump in your neck.

This could be new lump or one that you already have, which you've noticed is getting bigger.

These symptoms are very common and can be caused by many different conditions, it notes.Having won't definitely mean you have thyroid cancer, but it's important to get them checked.

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If they are caused by cancer, finding it early may mean it's easier to treat.

Dr Mesilhy said: "If you suspect thyroid cancer or experience persistent diarrhoea along with other concerning symptoms, I would recommend consulting with a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation and proper diagnosis."

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