Western Elders and Alpha Industries Join Forces for "African Diaspora Defense Group" Collection

Jamal Braimah’s legacy label Western Elders has teamed up with American outerwear label Alpha Industries for a utilitarian collection, dubbed the “African Diaspora Defense Group.”

The collection takes cues from a famous lyric in the Public Enemy song, “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos”: “I got a letter from the government the other day / I opened and read it, it said they were suckers.” The sentiment behind these words is what inspired the line’s goal: “to tell the story of the brothas and sistas that defend our land and people across the African Diaspora.”

In a statement, Western Elders said, “In the turmoil of war, we found something beautiful. Our principles and values held us together and this war of theirs became our time to show the world not only our dignity and pride but that we will always stand for what’s right no matter where we are.”

Thus, the “African Diaspora Defense Group” collection looks to uplift these unified voices through a series of emblematic designs. Among the range, signature flight jackets don Alpha Indsutries’ classic arm tag and colorful Western Elder signage across their backs, while lightweight green coats host illustrations of Africa and additional iconography. Trousers, meanwhile, appear in camouflage prints with utilitarian finishes, and track pants adopt a pared-back silhouette.

The Western Elders and Alpha Industries collection will be available to shop at the Alpha Industries flagship store, located at 290 Lafayette Street, on November 11. The line will then launch on Western Elders’ webstore on November 15. Explore the range in the gallery above.

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