‘They didn’t give up’: Rapist jailed after cold case investigation

WARNING: Distressing content A rapist who avoided prison for three decades has been jailed for 12 years for a crime a judge labelled “every woman’s worst nightmare”. Just over 30 years ago, Brett Braddock,now 57, lived next door to a widow in a regional Victorian town. He didn’t know the victim but could see from

The end of your free TV License has kickstarted a worrying new trend

The BBC’s controversial decision to make those aged over-75 pay for their TV License has seemingly ignited a new cyber threat. New research suggests that criminals are trying to cash-in on the latest change, which came into force on August 1, by tricking consumers into handing over personal data, including name, billing address and payment

Child sex charges for American Ninja Warrior winner Drew Drechsel after 'relationship with girl, 15, he met at TV event'

THE reigning champion of NBC's American Ninja Warrior is behind bars for allegedly having a years-long sexual relationship with a teenage girl, prosecutors say. Andrew "Drew" Dreschel was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Saint Cloud, Florida and faces a host of criminal charges, including manufacturing child pornography. The 31-year-old "sought to have sex"

'Harry Potter': Why the Great Hall Constantly Smelled Like Rotting Food

Harry Potter started out as a book series that was then turned into eight movies. Today, there’s a theme park, recipes, candy, an interactive website called Pottermore, and much more. It has a massive fandom, and it seems new tidbits about the movies and characters continue to be revealed. One interesting fact is about the Great Hall, where