Why so many Latino voters are flocking to Trump’s GOP

The idea that minorities vote Democrat is an ingrained assumption of American politics. But Mike Garcia — the son of a Mexican immigrant — is proof that Hispanic Republicans are alive and well in Donald Trump’s GOP.

Earlier this month, Garcia flipped a Democratic congressional district in California — the seat formerly held by scandal-scarred “throuple” Rep. Katie Hill — into the Republican column for the first time in 22 years.

Garcia, a 44-year-old former Navy fighter pilot, is now a newly sworn-in member of Congress, representing a district where more than half the population is nonwhite, 35 percent of it Hispanic — after beating his Democratic rival by 10 points in a May 12 special election.

While most of America’s Latinos have voted Democrat since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, around 30 percent of them have maintained a deep loyalty to the Republican Party. And that core has remained solid throughout Trump’s term in the White House.

In his new book “The Hispanic Republican” (Ecco), historian Geraldo Cadava examines how the GOP built that loyalty on a foundation of personal connections — and cemented it with ideological bonds.

“For the past half-century, Hispanic Republicans and the Republican Party have been deliberate and methodical in their mutual, sometimes hesitant, embrace,” Cadava writes.

Garcia is now one of five Republicans of Hispanic descent in the House of Representatives, compared to 36 Hispanic Democrats. This November, more than a dozen Hispanic Republicans are vying to join him by flipping blue districts to red.

One of them is Nicole Malliotakis, the Cuban-American state assemblywoman from Staten Island who was Mayor de Blasio’s Republican challenger in 2017. She is mounting a campaign against first-term Rep. Max Rose (D-SI/Brooklyn) in the fall. A daughter of immigrants — her father was born in Greece and her mother fled Fidel Castro’s regime in 1959 — Malliotakis grew up speaking Spanish at home.

“I think you’ll see more pockets of the Latino community voting Republican this November,” Malliotakis told The Post. “On issue after issue, the Democratic Party is driving a wedge between itself and Latino voters.”

Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic-Americans stands at 44 percent, a Hill/HarrisX poll found this month. That’s a notable jump over the 28 percent of Latinos who voted for him in the 2016 presidential contest.

Given Trump’s “America-first” policies, his hard-line border promises and his combative rhetoric, that number is the last thing that the GOP elite ever expected to see.

Party insiders have believed for years that only an embrace of comprehensive immigration reform, including permissive entry policies and citizenship for those here illegally, could fend off electoral doom in the face of Hispanic Americans’ demographic growth.

But as Cadava’s book shows, the roots of Latinos’ GOP support are entangled with their complex, sometimes contradictory feelings about immigration — going all the way back to President Richard Nixon’s first term.

Nixon was set on making inroads into the Hispanic vote during his 1972 re-election campaign. Mexican-American support had been important in the California native’s races for Congress and the Senate years before. But his squeaker of a White House victory in 1968 came with little help from Latinos, who went overwhelmingly for Democrat Hubert Humphrey.

To goose enthusiasm, Nixon tried a classic patronage-politics maneuver: He named a Mexican-American businesswoman, Romana Acosta Bañuelos, to be treasurer of the United States. It was the highest-level federal appointment yet for any Hispanic American.

And it was nearly derailed two weeks later, when federal agents from the Immigration and Naturalization Service busted the tortilla factory that Bañuelos operated in Gardena, Calif. Seventy undocumented employees took to their heels; 36 of them were caught and bused back over the border.

It was a dirty trick, Bañuelos insisted, sparked by Nixon foes who opposed her nomination. The news media was even on hand to cover the raid, she complained.

But despite the embarrassing headlines, the president remained loyal to his nominee. She was confirmed by the Senate a few weeks later.

Bañuelos became a top Nixon campaign surrogate, traveling to more than a dozen states, exhorting Latinos to “vote for those officials who give us deeds instead of words.”

“Some Chicanos called Bañuelos a vendido, or sell-out,” Cadava writes. Union-aligned Democrats condemned her for hiring illegal immigrants, who, they said, “deprive United States citizens and lawful resident aliens of necessary employment.”

But many Latinos, especially fellow entrepreneurs, sympathized. Hiring undocumented workers was not technically illegal at the time. Some proposed a federal law requiring citizenship verification in hiring, the beginnings of today’s E-Verify system.

Nixon romped to a 520-electoral-vote landslide in 1972 — with the support of 31 percent of Hispanic voters. Four years earlier, fewer than 10 percent of Latinos had pulled the lever for him.

The next year, a former congressman from Texas named George H.W. Bush took the reins of the Republican National Committee and quickly organized affiliate groups dedicated to Hispanic outreach. Like Nixon, he had learned in his own state how crucial the Latino vote could be.

Bush’s initiative paid off. When Nixon was forced to resign over the Watergate scandal, the RNC’s formal structures helped sustain the relationships the disgraced president had forged between the party and Latino voters.

But Republican attempts to build on Nixon’s foundation didn’t always go smoothly. One stumble became the stuff of campaign-trail legend in 1976, when President Gerald Ford was battling a primary challenge from former California Gov. Ronald Reagan. On a visit to San Antonio, Texas, Ford chomped down on a traditional Mexican tamale — and bit right through its inedible cornhusk wrapper.

News photos of the moment, dubbed “The Great Tamale Incident” by a gleeful press, caught the president “choking on his own cultural ignorance,” Cadava writes. The faux pas boosted Reagan in the Texas primary and hurt Ford in the general election, which he lost with a paltry 19 percent support from Latino voters.

Reagan, as the party’s nominee in 1980, won them back — and then some.

“Hispanics are already Republican,” Reagan told an aide that year, as he mapped out the first GOP media strategy targeting the Latino vote. “They just don’t know it.”

“Reagan based his appeal to Hispanics on ideological issues such as religion, patriotism and entrepreneurship,” Cadava explains. His “peace through strength” foreign-policy stance would appeal to Cuban Americans and other former refugees who saw America as their safe haven, the candidate believed.

Reagan won 35 percent of the Latino vote to seal his victory that year. Every Republican presidential win since has been built on a 25-percent-or-better showing among Hispanic Americans.

Trump, it’s clear, understands that history.

The president is pouring time and campaign funds into efforts to boost his Latino base. He hosted a conference call from the Oval Office with representatives of the “national Hispanic community” on May 20 and courted evangelicals in January at a rally-like speech at Miami’s Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús, one of the nation’s largest Latino megachurches.

“We have God on our side,” he told the packed crowd.

“Trump’s Hispanic supporters don’t believe that Trump is racist,” Cadava writes. Because of that, they’re willing to let his inflammatory words slide. “If it weren’t for Trump’s big mouth, he’d have the highest approval ratings in history because of his accomplishments,” said an unnamed Puerto Rico Republican in Cadava’s book.

While most Hispanic Americans sympathize with illegal immigrants and favor a path to citizenship for those already here, large majorities agree with Trump’s policies — if not always with his rhetoric — regarding law and order at the border.

A Pew poll released in February found that 76 percent of all Hispanics want to beef up border-security measures and 66 percent favor cracking down on illegal crossings.

“For many immigrants I speak with, it’s about following the process legally,” Malliotakis said. “Many people followed the rules and worked hard.

“When they see things like the state Legislature giving illegal immigrants free college tuition, it diminishes the sacrifices of immigrants like my parents who did things the right way,” she said.

Recent immigrants are also drawn to the GOP as the party of business.

“Hispanic Americans are very entrepreneurial,” Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said this month in a “Latinos for Trump” virtual campaign event. “This is a president that values work, that is going to put the interests of workers and jobs ahead of the interests of some political movement or theory.”

And with refugee experiences in their recent memory, Malliotakis said, many Latinos who came to the United States from countries like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are repelled by the Democratic Party’s flirtation with socialism.

“Being against an overreaching central authority, a belief in freedom and in limited government, those are the principles of the Republican Party,” she said. “When the Democrats have people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing socialism, their principles are looking like the very governments that my mother and millions of others fled.”

Garcia concurs.

“I think there’s an awakening, and I think people are realizing just how far this Democrat Party has gone,” he told Breitbart News this month. Trump’s Republican party, he added, is about “putting the country first, and putting the Constitution and capitalism at the forefront.”

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‘Jersey Shore’: Are Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ Giancola and Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Still Friends?

Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola have a history. Despite their falling out on Jersey Shore, the two have moved on and grown, allowing them to be cordial with one another. Many fans are wondering — does Giancola still consider Farley and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast friends? 

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The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ miss Sammi 

Farley expressed how much she and her roommates Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Cortese miss having Giancola in their lives. “She came from a TV show that she clearly doesn’t want to be a part of anymore,” Farley shared with In Touch. She explained how Giancola hadn’t kept in touch with much of the Jersey Shore cast after she decided not to participate in Family Vacation. Farley also touched on wanting to be invited to Giancola’s wedding. “There’s probably that give and take of having us part of certain [events]. I wish we could talk to her about it,” Farley concluded. “I just think time drifted [us] apart, which sucks,” Polizzi added.

Sammi unfriended the ‘Jersy Shore’ roommates on Facebook 

Cortese and Polizzi hosted an Instagram Live on April 17, discussing how Giancola had unfriended them on Facebook. Cortese was the most hurt about Giancola’s actions. “I had her at my baby shower,” Cortese said (via App). “I had her everywhere and then out of nowhere she unfollowed me on Facebook, she unfriended all of us on Facebook. Let her do her thing and I will always wish Sam well but it did hurt my feelings and that’s it.” 

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Naturally, fans were curious about whether or not Giancola did the same with the rest of the cast — including Farley. It seems Giancola is still connected with her ex-roommates on Instagram, thanks to the comments on Giancola’s recent posts. 

Sammi ‘Sweetheart’ modeled wedding styles

Giancola recently modeled for a bridal hair and makeup masterclass. She shared photos of the looks on social media and many of her former roommates left comments. “Stunning,” Farley wrote on Instagram with a sparkling heart emoji. “Thank you!!” Giancola cordially replied. “You look beautiful,” Cortese wrote with a red heart emoji. Giancola did not reply, which could be because of what Cortese said during her Instagram Live. 

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A few days after Cortese’s video aired, Giancola published a cryptic post to her Instagram Stories that read: “Your taste in people will change as you learn to love yourself.” Despite how Giancola may feel toward Cortese, she chose to respond to Farley’s comment, sparking curiosity about their friendship. It’s unlikely she and Giancola are close friends, but they are cordial with one another. Giancola seems to have neither like nor dislike for Farley at this point.

Will the ‘Jersey Shore’ roomies be invited to the wedding?

Giancola postponed her wedding due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s unclear when her new wedding date will be, but a source close to Giancola told Us Weekly it will be some time in September. 

Giancola did not want to be part of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for fear of entering into “possibly toxic” situations. It’s highly unlikely she’ll invite her former co-stars to her wedding for the very same reasons.

Regardless of whether Farley receives an invitation to Giancola’s wedding, the two will likely remain friendly with one another. 

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'Are You the One?': Which Contestant Became the Most Successful After Appearing on the Show?

Over 160 contestants have appeared on MTV’s Are You the One in hopes of finding their perfect match. While most of them didn’t find love on the show, they continued their reality television career or found success in other ways. Which “single” became the most successful after appearing on the dating show?

Contestants who competed on ‘The Challenge’ after ‘AYTO’

After appearing on Are You the One, several former contestants joined the cast of MTV’s reality competition series, The Challenge. Season 3’s Amanda Garcia (117,000 Instagram followers) competed on five seasons but never made it to the finals.

She recently got engaged and welcomed a baby into the world. Garcia has already stated she will not return to the series. Nelson Thomas (131,000 followers) earned a little over $36,000 throughout his five seasons on The Challenge and was in a high profile relationship with Bad Girls Club star, Angela Babicz.

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The two had a “toxic relationship” and went to Dr. Phil for advice. However, they broke up around five months later. Tori Deal (564,000 followers) from Season 4 and the AYTO spinoff, Second Chances, has earned $15,000, and Season 5’s Kam Williams (224,000 followers) made it to the finals twice but didn’t win any money.

However, the exposure from the show has helped grow her hair business, Kam Kollection.

Contestants who became successful in other ways after ‘AYTO’

Other AYTO stars pursued different avenues after the show, including Season 7’s Maria Elizondo (240,000 followers), who nearly stole Vinny Guadagnino’s heart on Double Shot at Love. Season 8’s Remy Duran (70,000) has gotten coverage from popular outlets, including Out Magazine and Grindr.

Additionally, Season 4’s Tel Aviv-born dancer Asaf Goren competed on Fox dance reality series, So You Think You Can Dance 12, Food Network series Worst Cooks in America, and Celebrity Big Brother Israel 3. He won the latter, taking home 250,000 ILS or around $70,000.

Season 3’s Devin Walker-Molaghan (114,000 followers) and Cheyenne Floyd (1.2 million followers) both won $12,500 together competing on The Challenge. Devin also currently operates a successful OnlyFans account from which he allegedly brings in around $125,000 annually.

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Finally, Cheyenne and fellow Challenger Cory Wharton welcomed a baby into the world, earning them a spot on MTV’s long-running series, Teen Mom.

It’s unclear exactly how much she makes per episode, but her net worth is an estimated $100,000. She also has an active YouTube channel with her daughter, with around 89,000 subscribers.

Julia Rose most successful after ‘AYTO’

Many people consider Season 4’s Julia Rose the most successful because of her infamous stunts and public relationship with YouTuber Jake Paul. A Reddit user calculated she makes around $180,000 a month from her exclusive Patreon account, based on the 13,100 monthly subscribers at the $15 lowest tier minus the likely 9% fee from the platform.

She also founded ShagMag, a $15 monthly online magazine featuring Instagram models, which is estimated to bring in around $125,000 a month. Additionally, the AYTO star has a whopping 4.6 million Instagram followers and could demand at least $100,000 per advertisement on her account.

Julia receives continual exposure as Jake Paul’s girlfriend, and he’s tagged in her pictures that have gotten millions of likes. The ShagMag owner has also planned several topless stunts, including one at the 2019 MLB World Series, which received coverage from mainstream outlets such as USA Today.

View this post on Instagram

I don’t give a duck #notsponsored #butiwishitwas

A post shared by Julia Rose (@its_juliarose) on

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Finally, the model has a YouTube channel with nearly 300,000 subscribers and a popular TikTok account with 200,000 followers. As of 2019, she had an estimated net worth of $480,000.

Julia can be considered the contestant who became the most successful after appearing on the MTV show due to her impressive Instagram following, successful online magazine, and multiple streams of revenue.

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RHONY fans are worried after Dorinda Medley goes on rampage while attacking Ramona Singer on social media – The Sun

REAL Housewives of New York City fans are worried about Dorinda Medley after she went on a rampage and attacked Ramona Singer on social media.

Dorinda, 55 went after Ramona, 63, on both Instagram and Twitter, claiming she has never worn a face mask during coronavirus and claiming she treats those around her badly.

During last week's episode of RHONY, Dorinda and Ramona started feuding after Ramona told Dorinda she tends to go for the jugular when people upset her.

Dorinda clapped back at Ramona and told her that she "would recognize it since she does it all the time."

Their first fight escalated even more when Dorinda came to Ramona's dinner party after she "went off like a crazy woman" and called Ramona a "coward."

Dorinda proceeded to take their feud off-camera when she tweeted at Ramona on Friday and wrote: "I need anger management!

"You're terrible to your fans, friends, and wait staff. Watch Bravocon! Ask Elyse Slaine (RHONY), Cynthia Bailey (RHOA), Jill Zarin (former RHONY), Kenya Moore (RHOA), Sonja Morgan (RHONY), just a few! List is too long to tweet! Get help!"

She also commented on one of Ramona's Instagram post where she posed with a face mask while vacationing in Boca Raton, Florida.

She wrote: "Why you wearing a mask now? First time. #damagecontrol"

Fans were taken aback by Dorinda's recently aggressive behavior towards her friend.

One fan commented on the housewife's tweet and wrote: "Dorinda, I'm a huge fan but you're a bit over the top with this.

"We know Ramona behaves horrible, but we expect more from you. Stop 'doubling down' on your bad behavior.

"It's like when you wouldn't acknowledge heckling Luanna at her show. You're better than this!"

Another one noted: "No one disputes what Ramona is but you are out of control. People say get help but I wonder if this isn't your actually personality and now we are seeing you for who you are.

"You can't be proud of the person you see when you watch these episodes … can you?"

And another one chimed and told her: "Dorinda, regardless of those are you … you need help. Anger management, grief therapy, and way less alcohol.

"You can't continue to blame everyone and everything for your issues."

Credit: Getty Images – Getty
Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Fans of the show will remember that in the trailer for this season of RHONY, the housewives would seemingly be dealing with Dorida's lost of control over her anger.

Ramona herself had noted that Dorinda wasn't her usual self after going through a breakup with John Mahdessian.

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These Are The Season's Best Kids Swimsuits

Swim season is upon us — and we can maybe, finally, possibly, leave our houses (?!). Parents know what that means: Do you have enough adorable tiny kids bathing suits yet or what? Of course, there’s no way you have time to scour the internet looking at every option, so we’ve compiled a shortlist for your perusal. We’ve covered plenty of price points, so whether you want something high-end or are on a budget, there’s an option for you here. And regardless of the price or style, kids are sure to make a splash in any of these suits.

Some trends we’re loving? The Hawaiian hibiscus print is still going strong — as are other popular prints, from fruits to florals to cacti. In fact, there’s a definite desert theme going on that we are particularly into for 2020. Retro trunks are a groovy addition to this year’s offerings, and there’s a variety of vibrant colors to choose from. Plus, more and more suits — from board shorts to rash guards to two- and three-piece sets — are catering to kids of any gender expression. So you can even go wild and get matchy-matchy with the entire fam.

From ruffled bikinis to sun-safe one-pieces, there’s something for every water baby (and kid) right here.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

A version of this story was originally published in June 2019.

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People are making doughnut cereal in lockdown

From banana bread to sourdough, lockdown has brought about a number of food trends.

Earlier this month, people were going crazy for pancake cereal, but it seems there’s a new delicious breakfast doing the rounds.

Doughnut cereal is the latest foodie trend sweeping social media.

Food influencers Shay and Steph – behind the TikTok account SoFloFooodie – shared not one but two different versions of the sugar-heavy breakfast for people to try at home.

In their first video, Shay and Steph demonstrate how to make mini chocolate and vanilla glazed doughnuts, topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The cutest “cereal” yet! 🍩🥣 #EatEmUp #pancakecereal #foodhacks #foodtrends #donuts

The pair mix self-raising flour and yogurt together to make a dough and roll it out.

Then they use small, circular cutters to form the shapes and a straw to punch holes in the middle of each one.

After, they fry the dough circles on each side for a few minutes until golden, before decorating using icing and sprinkles.

But to ensure there’s zero waste, they also incorporate the little doughnut holes in the cereal, too.

The second version features teeny tiny doughnuts which follow the same process on a smaller scale – but instead of adding the holes to the cereal (which are non-existent in this version), they supplement them with giant sprinkles.

TINY DONUT CEREAL 🥣🍩 #donutcereal #donuts #pancakecereal #foodhack #foodtrend #brunch #cereal #got2bhome #sprinkles

The duo also posted the videos on their Instagram account, but some followers were left unsure about the doughnut/cereal hybrid.

One replied: ‘The donuts look amazing, but you keep breaking my heart by adding the milk. Why mess with perfection? Why???’

Another added: ‘You lost me, when you started pouring milk on them. You’ll have to eat it quick. Or it’ll be soggy.’

Do you have a food hack to share or a recipe we need to see? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Share your views in the comments section below.

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Nurse says patients are attending ‘coronavirus parties’ to intentionally get sick

A North Carolina nurse said she’s treating patients who have attended “coronavirus parties” in an attempt to catch the deadly bug and hopefully develop immunity.

“Over the last few days, we have heard from a lot of patients and the community that they’re unafraid of getting the virus,” Yolanda Enrich, a nurse practitioner at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, told an NBC affiliate.

“People are actually out and about trying to get the virus, so attending gatherings, parties trying to maximize their chances of exposure.”

Ernich said younger patients have told health care workers they’re hoping to develop antibodies so they no longer have to take precautions while they’re out in public. Though health experts have not yet determined whether coronavirus antibodies actually deliver immunity.

“We’re really concerned about this trend,” Enrich said. “They can spread the virus around the community and hurt our vulnerable populations that will have serious health implications.”

Gov. Roy Cooper and state health officials are sounding the alarm on the idiotic concept.

“You can easily kill someone you love,” Cooper said at a news conference this week, adding that the sickening soirees are “completely irresponsible and absolutely unacceptable.”

Dr. Mandy Cohen, North Carolina’s secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said more cases translate to more risk for vulnerable residents.

“There is no circumstance under which we want people to actively pursue getting COVID-19,” Cohen said. “The reason we’re working so hard collectively to keep virus spread low is the fact that when there is more virus in our community, it not only impacts those who have it, but particularly those who are at high risk of getting severe reactions to disease.”

Soumya Swaminathan, the Wold Health Organization’s top scientist, earlier this month threw cold water on the idea of developing herd immunity against the virus.

Around the world, studies have shown rates of natural immunity between 10 and 15 percent — far from the 90 to 95 percent of the population what would need to develop immunity to achieve herd immunity, Swaminathan said.

Embracing a heard immunity approach would mean accepting a “high rate of death,” she said.

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Are You A Parent Who Hates Playing? You're Not Alone

We all want our children to have active, vivid imaginations. We know that they learn best through play. But does that mean that in order to be good parents, we need to be their ready and willing playmates at all times? We sincerely hope not, especially considering the fact that, for many of us, playdates and school are still off the table for the foreseeable future. And it seems as if the parents of Reddit are with us in kinda, sorta hating when we’re on “pretend play” duty.

“Anyone else really hate pretend play, or is it just me?” mom JeniJ1 wrote in a post on the Parenting subreddit. “Don’t get me wrong; I understand the value of it. I love it when my son talks to his teddies/toy dinosaurs/thin air, and I can sit back and marvel at the world he is creating. I love the fact that my son wants to include me in this, by asking me to pretend to be a shopkeeper/ghostbuster/dog. But do I actually enjoy it? No. I hate it. It’s exhausting. I would much rather get out the marble run/do some painting/go for a walk/almost anything else.”

Of course, she’s not the only parent who feels this way. But except in the rare parenting essay, it’s just not all that common for us to admit as much to each other. While we’re trying so hard to treasure every minute of our children’s early years, it feels wrong not to love participating in their imaginary worlds. The reality is, our imaginations are old and stale, and we’re just not built for make-believe the way they are.

Other parents were eager to chime in with their own rants about their kids’ pretend games.

“I’m so glad other people feel like this!” spugzcat said. “I thought I was just terrible at playing! It was making me kind of sad that I can’t just enjoy pretending to be princesses.”

“The moment my daughter wants me to play with animal figurines, I become super tired and sleepy,” tim4tw admitted. “Like, it honestly overwhelms me. It feels like I have narcolepsy.”

“Oh my god this,” tpskssmrm wrote. “I’m tired of making babies talk to each other, I’m tired of being the checkout ma’am, the haircut ma’am, the doctor, the T. rex. All of them have a specific script I have to follow.”

The strict scripts were a common complaint.

“My 3-year-old-has me pretending to be a garbage truck ALL DAY,” 364daystilpretzelday said. “He has very specific verbiage that I need to say as well while playing. I can’t wait until this phase is over.”

“I had to be a robot, and if I messed up the lines from the imaginary script no one gave me, there was hell to pay,” inthevelvetsea added.

Many, like JeniJ1, power through their games because they feel they have to.

“Playing with my toddler is mind-numbing,” lightblue1919 wrote. “I do it, but man do I count down the minutes until he gets distracted and starts playing by himself. My parents never did it with me and I’m trying to do better rather than be like, ‘I turned out fine.’”

I’m pretty sure we’re not the first generation to realize this about ourselves. This must be one reason people have more than one kid, so they can play with each other instead of needing us on the ground with them. Not that it helps all that much — kids still want to play with Mom or Dad too. It’s also why we have playdates and daycare and school, because interacting with each other on this level is great for their development and it gives us a break.

But in the absence of those options, several parents had a few hacks to suggest:

“I only ever enjoyed when they were the doctor, and I was the patient who was too sick/broken to get off the couch,” brittanybonkley wrote.

“My son loves being superheros and I’m always the bad guy, [which] means I get to lie on the floor playing ‘dead,’” Ginabambino said.

One mom had a great solution for what to do during quarantine: “I have an only child and so I am IT right now, especially since my husband is only home on the weekends, if that,” Snaxx9716 wrote. “I’ve explained to her that pretend play is really difficult for adults because my mind doesn’t work the same way as hers and that seems to have helped her understand that it’s not that I don’t want to spend time with her. My saving grace has been Facebook Messenger Kids. I added some of her friends from school, and they pretend play via FaceTime, and it has saved me from playing with LOL dolls for the last month.”

We have some suggestions of our own here for making pretend play more bearable. They include setting time limits and getting a change of scenery.

But also, we can find comfort in knowing that kids can benefit from playing on their own too. This helps to teach them independence and won’t tie them to your boring grown-up realistic way of seeing the world. So give them a few minutes of your time, tell them you love them, and then feel free to get up and leave them to their own, very capable devices.

Need some new play ideas? We love these fun alternatives to toy guns.

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People Are Calling Kylie Jenner's $15 Million Investment 'Smart'

Kylie Jenner made headlines when she was declared the youngest self-made billionaire, and now it looks like the reality TV star and makeup mogul is looking to grow her empire. Investing money in the hopes of making future returns is a smart strategy for anyone, but when we’re talking about people with millions of dollars to spare, their investments take on larger-than-life proportions. Recently, Jenner made a $15 million investment that many fans looking on from afar are calling “smart.” 

Celebrities often make flashy investments

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Jenner is in good company as a celebrity who is working to build her financial portfolio through clever investments. Plenty of other famous people have taken this path to ensure that their fortunes are secure. Ashton Kutcher, for example, has famously invested in several successful business startups, including Foursquare and Skype. Jay-Z has made investments in real estate and restaurants, giving him many revenue streams. Justin Timberlake may have failed to make Myspace’s comeback a success, but plenty of his other investments — including restaurants and clothing lines — have paid off. 

Not all celebrity investments are a success, however. For every tale of money pouring in, there’s another story of a celebrity getting tricked or simply making a bad bet. Plenty of celebrities — including Zsa Zsa Gabor and Steven Spielberg — were duped by Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Nicolas Cage tried his hand at the lucrative business of rare archaeological finds, but then it turned out the dinosaur skull he’d purchased had been taken from Mongolia illegally.  

Kylie Jenner has made a real estate investment

View this post on Instagram

taco tuesday

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Real estate is a popular investment strategy, and it looks like this is the route that Jenner has taken for some of her own fortune. She has made plenty of investments in property over the years, but her latest choice has some people scratching their heads. Jenner paid $15 million for five acres of land in Hidden Hills, CA. While the area is definitely a pricey one, that amount is still staggering considering that all Jenner got was … an empty lot. In fact, TMZ is reporting that she paid a record-breaking amount for a piece of land without a house on it. 

Even experts in the real estate business are puzzled by the move. “On the surface, this price seems like a rip-off,” real estate agent Cedric Stewart stated. “It’s hard to say why she purchased land instead of a pre-made house,” added Tyler Drew, CEO of a Los Angeles-based property business. Still, they’re not ready to write the move off as a bad deal just yet. Jenner has shown a lot of investment savvy, and she may be tuned in to the future popularity of the location. 

Some fans see the purchase as a smart move

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One fan took to Reddit to criticize Jenner for the extravagant purchase. They posted a picture of a news story about the land and titled it “She’s bored,” suggesting that Jenner was acting on impulse rather than intelligence.

Others weren’t so sure. “Not a big Kylie fan but I think she’s investing very wisely. I actually think deep down real estate and flipping houses interest her more than Kylie cosmetics lol. A few years ago she bought empty land, did nothing to it, and sold it a few years later for like $2 million more. It’s a really easy way for her to make money,” one fan weighed in. 

“Real estate is an incredibly smart investment and Kylie has been known to buy and sell real estate frequently,” another added. 

While $15 million may seem like a lot to pay for an empty lot, Jenner knows that the land is surrounded by some of the richest people in the country. Drake, Jessica Simpson, and The Weeknd all call Hidden Hills home, and she likely knows that the property will be a coveted location for future houses. We’ll have to wait and see if her investment pays off.

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Over 2million Brits are jobless, Boris Johnson must be bold and save Britain from total devastation – The Sun

Be bold, Boris

APRIL’S unemployment figures make for truly grisly reading.

Five months ago, Britain was a powerhouse with jobs at historic highs, inflation low and pay rising healthily.

Now, 2.1million Brits are jobless — the highest in 24 years — and an eye-watering 8million are currently relying on the furlough scheme to stay afloat.

None of this is the Government’s fault. We were all blindsided by Covid — and Boris had no choice but to lock down the country.

But if he and his ministers are to spare Britain from total devastation, they must now strain every sinew to get the economy safely up and running again.

We know that’s easier said than done. The science isn’t exact, ministers and businesses have a new health and safety maze they must navigate, left wing unions will play politics and furloughed Brits will be weighing up the return to work versus the safety of their home.

But now is the time for boldness from Number 10.

In December, aspirational hard-working Red Wall voters rejected a socialist dreamer, not just because of Brexit, but because they also believed in a Conservative PM who promised them the tools they need to get on in life.

As the figures show, they are the ones bearing the economic brunt of lockdown. And it is they Boris must keep in mind while he decides what to do next.

Ready Brex

THREE cheers to British Brexit negotiator David Frost for refusing to take any ­rubbish from Brussels.

The UK is asking for a fair deal from the EU27 — hardly different to that which has been agreed by Canada or Japan. But Eurocrats are still trying to punish us for voting for Brexit.

Well, they can take it from us — that ain’t going to work.

Boris Johnson and his ministers have fought tooth and nail for Brexit both in power and out of it. And rightly so: new figures show life will be cheaper for British consumers once we’re out.

Bullies or no bullies, this government won’t rest until they’ve got it done.

True Brit

WHAT wonderful news that Captain Tom Moore is to become a Sir.

The centenarian brought together Brits in their hour of need. And the colossal £39million he raised for the NHS Charities Together is already making a huge difference in hospitals.

Thousands of frontline heroes have been given food packages, while patients in isolation have been given electronic devices to stay in contact with their families.

The Captain is a credit to this country.

And we couldn’t be more delighted that Her Majesty has seen it fit to honour him.


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