Carer, 21, was left with horrendous head wound and covered in blood

Carer, 21, was left covered in blood with horrendous head wound as thug, 30, admits attacking her with glass bottle in street during night out

  • GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Jamie Simpson, 30, today pleaded guilty to GBH
  • The thug attacked Yavana Dix, 21, and left the mother with ‘significant injuries’
  • Miss Dix was taken to a home following the late night attack on the Isle of Wight

A man today admitted attacking a young mother in the street with a glass bottle and leaving her with a horrific head wound.

Jamie Simpson, 30, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent following the attack on Yavana Dix, 21, which left her with ‘significant injuries’.

Miss Dix, who has a two-year-old boy and works as a carer for people with disabilities, was taken to a nearby home following the late night incident in the Lake area of the Isle of Wight.

Yavana Dix, 21, (pictured) was attacked in the street in the Isle of Wight and left with a horrific head wound

Jamie Simpson (left), 30, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent following the attack on Miss Dix (right)

Her family said they fashioned a makeshift bandage to dress the cut as they waited for her to be taken to St Mary’s Hospital by ambulance, where she was given six stitches above her eye.

Miss Dix’s mother Denise Robinson said at the time: ‘She was very anxious and scared. She was not eating, she was not sleeping.’

Miss Dix’s mother Denise Robinson said at the time: ‘She was very anxious and scared. She was not eating, she was not sleeping’

Her brother Sean posted a photo on social media of his sister’s injuries at the time of the attack.

Simpson, 30, has been in custody since his arrest a week after the vicious attack, and will remain in custody until he is sentenced on July 9.

He admitted the offence – which took place on December 20 – via video link at Isle of Wight Crown Court today.

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Mortified woman left with huge Victoria's Secret logo on midriff after epic spray tan fail

WE'VE all seen the episode of Friends where Ross books a spray tan, misunderstands the instructions and emerges looking like he's spent a week in the sun. And not near the sun, but IN the sun.

Well if that comedy sketch was enough to put us off the idea of spray tans, then this woman's epic fail has us swearing them off for life.

Posting a photo of her fake tan fiasco on Twitter, the woman wrote: "One year since the worst spray tan of my life."

Now usually when you have a spray tan, you'll be asked to change into a pair of paper pants.

But in this instance, the woman chose to leave her Victoria's Secret undies on – and it had disastrous results.

She was left with the brand's PINK logo printed all over her midriff from the waistband of her underwear.

And to make matters worse, the PINK logo was printed several times across her waist from where she had adjusted her undies during the treatment.

Unsurprisingly, her post has racked up over 113,000 "likes" on Twitter and the woman then tweeted Victoria's Secret asking for some free underwear in exchange for the "free ad space" she'd given them.

"I bet that spray tan was marked up by 75%," one follower joked.

Another added: "I shouldn't be laughing this hard at your pain, I'm so sorry!"

"This is the funniest thing I've ever seen," a third added.

For more beauty horror stories, this bored mum tried to dye her brown hair blonde during lockdown – but ends up with a ginger do instead

And this mum was in hysterics after £4 veneers she ordered online were so big she couldn’t close her mouth.

Plus people are horrified as woman tries to make ‘pube lashes’ a trend in hideous beauty fail.

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Woman left looking constantly upset after a botched £920 plastic surgery job left her with a 'permanent frown'

A WOMAN has been left looking constantly upset after a botched plastic surgery job left her with what she called a “permanent frown”. 

The young Chinese woman, known by her surname Xie, forked out £920 for cheek fillers after a facelift – and was less than impressed with the results.

Xie now looks constantly confused, and opened up about the cosmetic nightmare in a video released by local media. 

She went to a clinic in Hangzhou city in eastern China, where consultants persuaded her to get the cheek fillers as well as a facelift to “boost the effect”. 

The clinic said the frowning expression is down to swelling, and would naturally disappear over time, but that hasn’t stopped Xie being horrified at the results. 

Xie told Zhejiang Television: “I had my nose done previously, but it was kind of a failure. 

“[After the repair,] the shape of my nose looked much better than before. I thought this clinic was trustworthy.”

She returned for the facelift on May 7 and was persuaded to add on the cheek fillers, with the consultant saying they would look natural and would not require much recovery time. 

Xie explained: “They told me if I do [the procedures] altogether, the effect would be much better.”

The two facial operations cost her a total of £2,300, and she has been left furious that she has a permanent frown two weeks after the procedures. 

She said: “The corners of my eyes are being lifted upwards. I'm unhappy about the shape of my face [as well]. I look quite scary.”

Xie has demanded the clinic gives her a refund for the facial fillers, but a manager from the beauty centre has said they will only claim full responsibility if her face remains swollen after a month. 

They have also offered her extra treatments for free, but Xie has said she will not return to the clinic for further work. 

The manager said the swelling is down to having multiple procedures in a short space of time, and it’ll take longer than normal for Xie’s face to go down. 

He said: “Because she had surgery along with the fillers, the final result still hasn't shown. Once she fully recovers, it would look much nicer.”

He also claimed the staff members who advised her to get the cheek fillers were “new and inexperienced”.

We shared how Amy Childs reveals she regrets getting cosmetic surgery and says she looked like a ‘freak’.

And Mama June’s daughter Anna, 25, shows off taut tummy in crop top after $120K plastic surgery makeover.

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Gangs of London fans left ‘screaming like babies’ as Marian rips out fingernails in goriest episode yet

GANGS of London fans have been left ‘screaming like babies’ after Marian ripped out fingernails in the goriest episode yet.

Last week's episode of the Sky Atlantic drama saw a massive shoot out in Chinatown as Sean Wallace's enemies tried to kill him.

*Spoilers ahead for upcoming episodes in series one of Gangs of London*

When that didn't work, Tove – played by Laura Bach – was planted as a waitress at a Wallace family dinner, but before she could take out Sean (Joe Cole), she appeared to be killed herself.

However,  episode six will reveal Tove is still alive but not out of the woods, as Wallace matriarch Marian (Michelle Fairley) attempts to get the truth out of her via torture.

The show, which has become notorious for its graphic violence and gore, sees Marian rip out Tove's fingernails as she tries to get answers.

It left viewers who have bingewatched the series on edge, with one writing on Twitter: "I did have to look away during the torture scene."

Another added: "I'm a massive horror movies fan since I was a child. Ghost stories, slashers, torture porn doesn't matter I can watch (almost) everything without being disturbed and impressionable.

"But with #gangsoflondon episode 6 I've screamed like a little baby. Thanks (?) @XavierGens."

A third agreed, writing: "#GangsOfLondon The platters on repeat during the torture scenes dead class! Gory as hell especially the finger nails! Aghh."

Meanwhile a fourth tweeted: "Very glued to gangs of London but those torture scenes just make me sick in my mouth."

Director Xavier Gens recently explained what was behind the torture scenes, telling Den of Geek: "For me it was most important to drive all the emotions and what happens in the present for the characters.

"For Marian Wallace it’s about her frustration at the betrayal she felt over Finn wanting to live with another woman – her husband cheating on her.

"She was one of the main pillars of the Wallace family, and so really when she’s torturing Tove, she is torturing Finn Wallace.

"She sees Finn in that woman. I really wanted to figure out how I could express that Lady MacBeth figure into the character of Marian Wallace.”

Gangs of London continues next Thursday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. 

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Londoner is left with no income after leaving job day after lockdown

‘I begged my old boss to reemploy me four times’: Londoner is left with no income after leaving job the day after lockdown meaning she cannot claim furlough during coronavirus crisis

  • Felicity Williams left her job at end of March, due to start a new role on April 1
  • Her new employer is unable to furlough her and her old boss has refused to help
  • Ms Williams says she has been left unable to pay for food or cover bills and rent
  • Have you been furloughed? Let us know. Email [email protected] 
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

A young woman has revealed how she has fallen through the cracks of the government’s furlough scheme and unable to pay for food or rent after being left penniless between jobs.  

Felicity Williams, from London, left her job at the end of March and was due to start a new role on April 1. 

But when the coronavirus pandemic swept the country, her new employer was unable to furlough her – and her old boss has now refused to help her. 

Ms Williams told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme she has since been left without the means to pay her bills or food and cannot get Universal Income because she lives with her boyfriend. 

First Secretary of State Dominic Raab will reportedly tell the UK this week that lockdown will be extended until May 7

Have you been furloughed?

Have you been furloughed? Let us know. Email [email protected] 

What does it mean to be furloughed?

Essentially, if you’re being furloughed by your employer, it means you’re being sent home, but will still receive 80 per cent of your salary by the Government, up to a maximum of £2,500 a month.

This Government job retention scheme is only for employed people, it does not apply if you are self-employed.

However, you first need to agree to be put on furlough by your employer, who can then apply for the money to the Government. You cannot apply for it yourself.

Your employer can choose to pay the remaining 20 per cent of your wages, although it is not obliged to do so.

If you earn more than £2,500 a month, your employer can choose to ‘top up’ your salary, but again it is not forced to do so.

You will still continue to pay income tax and national insurance contributions while on furlough.

The Government advice says: ‘If you and your employer both agree, your employer might be able to keep you on the payroll if they’re unable to operate or have no work for you to do because of coronavirus. This is known as being “on furlough”.’

The Coronavirus Job Retention scheme will give people 80 per cent of their usual earnings, meaning they can be furloughed rather than laid off from their firm.

Businesses will be able to pay their employees four-fifths of their regular monthly wage, or £2,500 a month, whichever is lower, until at least June 1. 

It forms just one part of a £330 billion emergency support package announced last month to keep the UK economy afloat, and to ensure firms do not have to lay off staff permanently. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed measures over the last three weeks designed to prop up businesses, but many people have had to turn to the benefits system. 

Ms Williams told Radio 4 she had approached her previous employer but had been flatly denied any help. 

She told the show: ‘Unfortunately my new employers cannot furlough me which leaves me without any income at all. 

‘I know the government guidelines are to go back to our last employers and ask them to furlough us. 

‘My last working day with them was March 28. I’ve been to them four times now and pleaded with them to reemploy me to and put me on furlough just so I’ve got some sort of income coming in.

‘Every time it’s been a no.

‘Unfortunately because I live with my boyfriend I can’t get universal credit because he has savings and he has an income which doesn’t help me.

‘I have my own bills, my own credit cards, my own loans that I need to pay off.

‘Obviously I froze them for the short term but it’s not going to help me out in terms of paying bills, for food etc.’

Yesterday, a City worker who lost her job due to coronavirus told the show she is ‘now poor’ with just £30 a month left after mortgage payments, and is forced to rely on a foodbank. Volunteers are pictured here at Paddington Foodbank in London as more people are forced to seek out charity groups for basics due to the coronavirus crisis 

In other coronavirus news today:

  •  Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is set to tell the country on Thursday the coronavirus lockdown will last until at least May 7;
  • The First Secretary of State, who is deputising for Boris Johnson while the PM recovers from the deadly bug, will tell Britons they face at least three more weeks of restrictions;
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been confirmed to have tested negative for Covid-19;
  • Statistics show one in seven people hospitalised with the coronavirus in the UK will die, and survival odds in intensive care are 50/50;
  • China revealed it had diagnosed 108 new coronavirus cases on Monday;
  • France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, said France must prepare for its lockdown to last ‘well into May’;
  • NHS staff may have to start giving people over the age of 65 ‘scores’ based on their health to determine where they sit on the waiting list for intensive care if units become overloaded;
  • Former Bank of England governor, Lord Mervyn King, said he was ‘worried’ that only 4,200 companies in the UK have been given crisis loans compared to 725,000 companies in the US;
  • Millions of people in Spain have been allowed to return to work as the country eases its lockdown;
  • The vast majority of Britons back the Government’s lockdown rules but fear for the future of the economy. 

Yesterday, a City worker who lost her job due to coronavirus told the show she is ‘now poor’ with just £30 a month left after mortgage payments.

Under the pseudonym Alice, the woman revealed how she used to shop at Waitrose and Marks and Spencer but was forced to seek out food banks.

‘I was used to having extra money being able to save being able to do my shopping at Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and then all of a sudden going from that to not earning anything – you’re now effectively poor,’ she told the BBC’s Today show on Radio 4.

Before heading out to the foodbank, she had tried to ignore the hunger she felt surviving on two meals a day by listening to podcasts.

‘I would have a bowl of porridge in the morning and then I would have for lunch a bowl of homemade soup, sometimes a couple of slices of toast that was it,’ she said. ‘It was a very, very poor diet – I was constantly hungry.’

She was terrified of going to pick up free food parcels for fear that she would be perceived.

Alice said that the mere thought of visiting the charity gave her heart palpitations as she feared that the volunteers would question why somebody who sounds and looks affluent needed their vital services.

She was relieved when the volunteers came to her aid without any question, as foodbanks now expect people who were previously well-off to be visiting due to coronavirus job losses.

But she said that she’s still too scared to tell her friends and family that she’s relying on charity or to ask for their help, which is why she is using a fake name.

She said: ‘Admitting it to friends and family? Well I haven’t. They know that I’m not working but when they do ask me if I’m doing okay, I say I’m absolutely fine. I should perhaps be more honest and say “well actually, now you mention it”. But you don’t.’ 

From libretto to Lidl! Opera singer, 27, swaps the stage for shelf-stacking to make ends meet after theatres close for coronavirus lockdown

By Vanessa Allen for the Daily Mail 

She is used to more dramatic and less physical roles in front of an enraptured audience. 

But opera singer Lara Rebekah Harvey has had to swap the stage for shelf-stacking at Lidl. 

The 27-year-old is one of thousands of performers left in the lurch when the coronavirus crisis closed theatres. 

Lara Rebekah Harvey has performed around the country and was a soloist at the Royal Albert Hall in London in the 2016 Mountbatten Festival of Music

The mezzo soprano had also just secured a coveted role as a soloist with Opera Holland Park in west London. 

But for the last three weeks, she has been working in Lidl stores and warehouses, earning about £9 an hour. ‘It couldn’t be more different,’ she said. 

‘My first week was exhausting because it’s very physical and there’s a lot of heavy lifting.  But I feel lucky to have a job. 

Lara Harvey (pictured) is now working in Lidl but says she’s just happy to have a job during the coronavirus crisis 

‘Some colleagues there do know I’m an opera singer and I think they are quite surprised.

‘But although I’m grateful, I can’t wait to get back to opera.’ 

Miss Harvey has performed around the country and was a soloist at the Royal Albert Hall in London in the 2016 Mountbatten Festival of Music.

Google searches for ‘Universal Credit’, and ‘furlough’ soar as Britons hunt for information on job losses over ‘coronavirus symptoms’

By Mark Duell 

Online searches for terms including ‘furlough’, ‘Universal Credit’ and ‘how to claim benefits’ have skyrocketed as the coronavirus crisis worsens.

This month, Britons have been using Google to look up the Government’s guidance on helping firms with furloughed workers to keep them employed but without working.  

People suffering financial trouble during the pandemic are also searching ‘Universal Credit’, with nearly a million trying to claim the benefit in the last two weeks.

But searches for ‘coronavirus symptoms’ have fallen recently from a peak in mid-March when the first restrictions on social gatherings were brought in. 

The term ‘furlough’ is more common in US employment law, but has entered into UK parlance in recent days as ministers unveiled their plan to help stricken businesses.

These graphs show the relative search levels for ‘Universal Credit’, ‘furlough’ and ‘coronavirus symptoms’ over the past month (top) and past week (bottom). They reveal searches for ‘furlough’ have skyrocketed since March 20, while Universal Credit searches are up in the past three weeks. But searches for ‘coronavirus symptoms’ are now falling from a mid-March peak

Is furloughing workers the best way to save jobs? This is Money podcast

The concept of asking workers to go on furlough lies at the heart of the government’s coronavirus jobs rescue scheme – as it seeks to stall firms making people redundant and offers to pay 80 per cent of their wages up to £2,500 a month.

But is picking up the wage bills of big businesses a wise move, will it help save jobs and is the price worth paying because the cost of not doing it is worse?

On this podcast, Simon Lambert, Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost discuss what it means to be furloughed and whether the emergency plan can work.

 Press play above or listen (and please subscribe if you like the podcast) at Apple Podcasts, Acast, Spotify and Audioboom or visit our This is Money Podcast page. 

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Joe Joyce left heartbroken over Daniel Dubois fight postponement after spending thousands on camp, reveals manager – The Sun

BOXER Joe Joyce is "heartbroken" his all-British heavyweight scrap against Daniel Dubois has been delayed.

The sporting calendar has been hit as the coronavirus pandemic rages the globe.

British Boxing announced that all their events would be postponed until April 30 at the earliest, with the board set to meet next month to see whether that is extended.

That put paid to Joyce's mouthwatering fight against fellow-unbeaten Brit Dubois, with that being moved from April 11 to July 11.

And according to Joyce's manager Sam Jones, it has left the Rio Olympics 20126 silver medallist devastated and will mean the Juggernaut has been out of action for almost a year.

Speaking to Jones said:  "Joe was absolutely heartbroken. He's been out the ring since beating Bryant Jennings last July.

We are talking thousands and thousands of pounds and I'm not talking about small thousands – big thousands

"Since then, he had his Marco Huck fight cancelled in January, so he's had two training camps now, peaked twice, and had no fight.

"It brought us to tears knowing how well Joe was doing, what had gone into camp, the sacrifices he had made, the cost of the sparring partners we'd brought in.

"The reality is we paid for flights for our team and the sparring partner from the UK.

"Then we were paying weekly for four US-based sparring partners. The UFC training facility, the very nice villa we were living in out in Vegas.

"We are talking thousands and thousands of pounds and I'm not talking about small thousands – big thousands – all invested into a camp that you can't claim back because boxers are self-employed. It's absolutely heartbreaking."

When Joyce, 34, finally does go into battle in June against Dubois, he will head into that as the underdog.

It's going to be a different date with the same result

But according to Jones, it will be his man who will move into world title reckoning with a victory.

He added: "It's going to be a different date with the same result. Joe is going to stop Daniel Dubois. It's going to be a car crash at the O2 arena and it's only going to end one way.

"This is the biggest fight of Joe's career, five or six belts on the line, the winner goes on to a guaranteed world title shot.

"The date has been pushed back but this fight will happen – the fans have demanded it."

Jones went on to acknowledge that "there's a lot worse things happening to people than this fight being cancelled" as the coronavirus continues to claims lives around the world.

He added: "Everyone is in the same boat, businesses are going to be affected by this.

"I feel terrible for people that are going to lose their job over something that is completely out of their control.

"When you take a step back, you also realise there are lots of people way less fortunate than you. "

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Spoilers: Belle is left devastated by a discovery in Emmerdale

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) gave into temptation in Emmerdale and slept together on the night in which Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) met his demise, and the pair have struggled with their feelings for one another ever since, and thus Belle is shocked in the coming episodes when she discovers that Jamie has rekindled his relationship with Andrea (Anna Nightingale).

The chemistry between Belle and Jamie has been apparent for several months now, as they’ve continually sought solace in one another when a crisis took place. Following Jamie’s altercation with Graham on the day in which he died, Belle was on hand to support him and look after him — which seemingly resulted in passion ensuing, as the pair ended up spending the night together.

Jamie found himself riddled with guilt as a result of his actions — especially after Andrea proceeded to give him an alibi — and thus he and Belle resolved to keep their night of passion a secret.

In the coming episodes, Andrea sets out to get revenge on Kim (Claire King), and thus decides to play dirty by setting up a camera, before delivering an award-worthy performance in the hopes that it will result in her confessing to conspiring to kill Graham.

Andrea seemingly succeeds in her mission, but is her excitement a bit premature?

Regardless, she explains what she knows to Jaimie, who’s confused by what he’s heard. As a result, he heads up to Home Farm and berates his mum for all that she’s done to both Andrea and Belle, before telling her to stay away from both he and Millie.

Meanwhile, Andrea hopes that — with Kim out of his life — Jamie might forgive her and they’d be able to get back together.

The following day, Belle’s shocked when she sees for herself that Andrea and Jamie are, in fact, back together.

One to watch: Thursday 19 March at 7pm on ITV. 

If you’ve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch with the soaps and drama team by emailing us [email protected] or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

Additionally, join in with the community by using our comments section below to share your thoughts on this story. You can see all other soap stories by visiting our homepage here and you can sign up for our free newsletter full of exclusive soap news, interviews and spoilers by following this link.

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Doctor Who fans left shaking after epic series 12 finale cliffhanger

**Warning, spoilers for Doctor Who series 12 finale ahead!**

Doctor Who fans were left shaken after tonight’s rollercoaster series 12 finale, with the episode ending on an almighty cliffhanger.

The closing scene of the chapter saw the Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) arrive back to her TARDIS after confronting The Cybermen, only to be interrupted by the Judoon, who raided her spacecraft and zapped her into a prison cell.

‘Judoon cold case unit,’ the monster told her without catching a breath. ‘Fugitive, the Doctor. Sentence: Whole of life imprisonment. Maximum security facility.’

Before she had time to comprehend the nightmarish situation, the Time Lord was instantly transferred to her cell where panic began to set in.

‘What?’ she called out confused, before running towards a window to find herself completely trapped in the middle of space.

Unsurprisingly, fans were shocked by the dramatic scenes and raced to Twitter to comment, with one shouting: ‘Ah one thing that I never expected was this to lead to a cliffhanger where the doctor is sentenced to whole life imprisonment! Great cliffhanger and I’m so excited for the next episode.’

Echoing a similar sentiment, another posted: ‘Absolutely loved ending of the episode. What a great cliffhanger to leave it on, reminds of how they used to do it back in the days of the 10th Doctor. They ended it right as it left me hungry to see what happens next.’

The hit BBC show will air the one-off festive episode, titled Revolution Of The Daleks, later this year following the quite frankly dramatic end to series 12.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall enthused: ‘We can’t leave the Doctor there! On that cliffhanger! Well, we did. But rest assured, the Doctor and her friends will be back for a one-off extended Special around Christmas and New Year.

‘I don’t know when they’re going to put it on yet, otherwise we’d tell you! There will be Daleks. There will be exterminations. Thrills, laughter, tears. You know. The usual. See you at the end of the year.’

Doctor Who is available for catch-up on BBC iPlayer.

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DAN HODGES: Why does the Left hate Priti Patel so much?

DAN HODGES: Why does the Left hate Priti Patel so much? Because she’s an Asian woman who dared make a success of herself – without asking their permission

Priti Patel doesn’t like to dwell on the racism she used to experience as a child. ‘She doesn’t talk about it much,’ a close friend told me. ‘But she used to get a lot of name-calling at school and when she was out with her parents. She has told me it was pretty horrible.’

That was back in the late 1970s and early 80s, and when she was appointed Home Secretary a few months ago, Patel was entitled to think such abuse was in the past. But as has just been dramatically demonstrated, if she did, she was wrong. Even before Sir Philip Rutnam’s explosive resignation, Patel was being lined up for a ritualistic, progressive punishment beating.

Priti Patel should go back to where she came from. Better yet, she should never have been allowed here in the first place. That was according to Will Straw, the former executive director of Britain Stronger in Europe.

‘At last, a compelling reason to support this policy,’ he tweeted, in response to an article headlined: ‘Home Secretary Priti Patel admits own parents may not have been allowed into UK under her new immigration laws.’

Home Secretary Priti Patel delivers a speech during the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners joint summit, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in London

She is also an emotionally unhinged, self-obsessed thug. At least in the eyes of New European journalist Zoe Williams, who last week detailed ‘her tantrums, her alleged bullying and swearing, bouts of narcissistic rage in which everybody is stupid apart from her’. Interestingly, this vitriol echoes the criticism levelled by Sir Philip, who strenuously denies any form of negative briefing against his Minister.

Worst of all, Priti Patel is from a Ugandan-Indian family. Not just anyone with an Indian background, but one who actually has the temerity to serve as a Conservative Cabinet Minister. Which as far as the in-house magazine of liberal Britain, The Guardian, is concerned, is one of the worst crimes of all. ‘How did British Indians become so prominent in the Conservative Party?’ the paper wailed last week, before commissioning Neha Shah, an ‘activist and researcher at Oxford University’ to supply the answer.

‘The old colonial tactics of divide and rule,’ Shah concluded, while adding bafflingly: ‘The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and the three other British Indians appointed to Johnson’s Cabinet will only embolden Tory racism.’

Let’s imagine for a second if a senior member of Vote Leave had tweeted about barring a senior black or Asian Labour politician from the country. Or a journalist from a Conservative- supporting paper had used such vicious language about a female Labour Cabinet Minister. Or a Conservative- supporting newspaper produced a headline: ‘How did Muslims become so prominent in the Labour Party?’

Actually, we don’t need to imagine. As the liberal Left were queuing up to stick their hand-stitched brogues into Britain’s first female Asian-heritage Home Secretary, her opposite number Diane Abbott was announcing her own retirement from front-line politics. Abbott is a divisive figure, but I’ve always liked and respected her.

When she was elected as the first black woman MP, she represented a challenge to the political elite that was years ahead of its time.

But she also made mistakes. And when she did – and her critics highlighted them – the response from the liberal Left was instantaneous and ferocious. ‘Abuse of Diane Abbott driven by racism and misogyny, says [Chuka] Umunna’ – The Guardian. ‘Diane Abbott may be flawed. But this is bullying’ – also The Guardian. ‘Diane Abbott accuses BBC Question Time of legitimising racism – Labour MP’s spokesperson claims she was mocked and interrupted more than other panellists’ – you guessed it, The Guardian.

To be honest, I believe many of these charges are accurate. Much of the abuse Abbott received was racist and misogynistic. But if we’re going to acknowledge that, we also have to be honest about the campaign now being waged against Priti Patel – by both her enemies and those who are supposed to be her allies. People who have worked with her say she has a ‘robust’ manner. But anyone who wants to drive through change in a major department of state can’t do so without having finely chiselled elbows. And if you follow the career of any senior woman MP, the allegation that she is a bully is never far behind.

It’s worth remembering Patel is not the first Home Secretary who has fallen foul of Sir Philip. His officious and obstructive manner brought him into conflict with Amber Rudd, who also mysteriously found herself the subject of negative briefing as the Windrush crisis unfolded.

RUTNAM abandoned her during Windrush,’ a Rudd ally says. ‘He p****d off Amber and he p****d off Priti. He’s got an equal opportunities attitude towards p*****g off his Ministers.’

Patel’s critics are also wrong on a key point. Her parents wouldn’t have been stopped from entering the UK under her new immigration proposals, because they were Indian Ugandans escaping the regime of a man who used to boast about eating the flesh of opponents. They weren’t coming to the UK as economic migrants, but fleeing for their lives.

Home Secretary Priti Patel arrives at the National Police Chiefs’ Council and Association of Police and Crime Commissioners joint summit, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in London

Yet strangely, Patel’s enemies don’t feel encumbered by these facts. Remember the woke brigade’s instruction to those of us that haven’t shared the ‘lived experience’ of Britain’s migrant communities that we must ‘check our privilege’ before passing comment. Well, don’t worry, because so long as it’s a black or Asian Conservative Cabinet Minister you’re attacking, you get a pass.

In fact, they don’t have to be a Cabinet Minister or an MP at all. As The Guardian demonstrates, you can dismiss hundreds of thousands of first and second generation migrants as John Bull’s patsies just for daring to support a party that isn’t Labour. And this is what actually lies at the heart of the attacks being launched against Priti Patel. Yes, much of it is underpinned by racism or sexism. But even more, it’s the product of liberal Britain’s seething resentment at anyone of colour who makes a success of themselves without asking permission first.

‘Only Labour can be trusted to unlock the talent of black, Asian and minority ethnic people,’ Jeremy Corbyn boasted before the Election. But Priti Patel didn’t want or need his help. And that’s something the modern missionaries of the liberal Left simply cannot forgive. Because if she can succeed without their patronising beneficence, so can anyone else.

‘I can’t see why you’re laughing,’ Andrew Marr famously taunted Patel, before he and the BBC were forced into a grovelling apology. I can. Priti Patel will continue to laugh defiantly in the faces of the racists and the sexists and the entitled liberals and the usurped Sir Humphries. Let’s hope she has the last laugh.


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